Monday, August 16, 2004

UN: The UN security council has condemned the killing of refugees at their Burundi refugee camp. What is the next step?

"The Security Council requests the special representative of the Secretary General for Burundi, in close contact with the Special Representative of the Secretary General for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to establish the facts and report on them to the council as quickly as possible," the UN statement said. "The council calls upon the authorities of Burundi and of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to cooperate actively so that the perpetrators and those responsible for these crimes be brought to justice without delay. "
Well, that's taking a firm stand on it. McGreevey fallout: That didn't take long. Now the NJ demo bosses want him gone before his announced November 15th departure because of fears that there is even worse details to be reported. Kerry: Didn't you know windsurfing and kitesurfing are the everyday sports?

"...But the exotic nature of some of the sports he plays (say, kite-surfing in Nantucket) and the great lengths he goes in order to play them (say, flying from Idaho to Oregon to windsurf), can have the unintended effect of making him seem out of touch with the hard-pressed middle class whose cares he says have been his concern. As his plane was flying from Oregon to Idaho on Saturday, Kerry defended his taste in sports, saying, "The guys who do it are all local guys -- plumbers, construction workers." Asked if these regular folks fly from one state to another, the husband of the condiment heiress downplayed the cost, saying, "What? 250 bucks for a ticket?

Luckily for Kerry, the moment was not on camera. But it was the kind of moment -- if captured on camera -- that could undo months of work. (Think of George H.W. Bush looking perplexed at a super-market scanner in 1992). "

Kerry/Cambodia: It seems that the mainstream media blackout is lifting on this story, though the KC star helps out in saying that it first needs its marching orders to actually publish a story.

KC Star: True, The Star hadn't published either of these news items as of Friday. By Friday afternoon however, the paper corrected itself and assigned a reporter to write the story. It ran Saturday.

Why the delay? The answer has to do with credibility. The Star had been waiting for credible sources to move stories over the news wire, which is how most of the news about national politics gets in the paper. When these sources were slow to act, editors felt they had to.

Star editors point out that last week they asked national news wires to provide stories about statements from Kerry and the swift boat veterans. “We are sensitive to the need to address this,” said Darryl Levings, national editor at The Star. "...The Star subscribes to several news wire services — the aforementioned credible sources — including Knight Ridder (The Star's parent company), The Associated Press, and the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and The Washington Post wire services."

Sadly, the KC star is just one of many papers that follow this pattern, considering(minus Knight ridder) the fab four are being bodyguards for Kerry in their coverage trying to block out anything bad. You have to give main credit to the Internet/foreign papers and the blogsphere for persisting in this story.



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