Saturday, August 21, 2004

Where was Rassman?: Via the BeldarBlog, he points out a couple of different versions of the Rassman overboard story that is getting a lot of play. Of course I am still trying to figure out the version on Kerry's own site. This is different from all the rest.

On March 13, 1969, Rassmann, a Green Beret, was traveling down the Bay Hap river in a boat behind Kerry’s when both were ambushed by exploding land mines and enemy fire coming from the shore.
The mainstream press in a tizzy to protect Kerry are going in to destroy the swiftvets either by mudding the waters to cause confusion like this Post article or take what is positive towards Kerry and push it as the truth which is how Galloway from Knight Ridder has done here. Now with William Rood, Vietnam vet, but more importantly, a newpaper editor from Chicago Tribune being asked by John Kerry to defend him, the press will treat his words like Moses when he got the ten commandents. Sudan: Sudanese officials arrested several people they claim made fake rape videos which were used as a political tool by the rebels. US is looking to get Darfur's natural resources is thrown in for good measure. UK: In the ever present world of being PC and looking to be diverse no matter what, the UK police force made "positive discrimination"(quotas) a policy to get more black cops in the force. The evitable backlash has occured by white cops who feel they are being passed up for promotions. It seems whatever policy they have in place is so ridiculous, the National Black Police Association has to warn them.

Yesterday Ray Powell, the president of the National Black Police Association, warned that moves to end the culture of casual prejudice were backfiring.

Attacking 'a ridiculous' pressure to hit strict targets for recruiting black officers, Powell told The Observer there was a risk of undeserving candidates being hired to boost the force's record on race.

...It has a target for 25 per cent of the force to come from the ethnic minorities by 2009, so that it reflects London's population as a whole. However, Powell said with current progress that would require up to 80 per cent of new recruits to be black and Asian, 'which is ridiculous'.

I am not against a sensible and logical plan to encourage minority recruiting when necessary in situations that can benefit the community. But "positive discrimination" is such a stupid concept that backlashes which is happening in this situation is almost a given.



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