Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Bloggers: Nytimes magazine piece on bloggers is a must read because half way thru you realize the author Matthew Klam has absolutely no respect for any of the subjects in this piece other than wanting to do Wonkette. Daily Kos calls it a hatchet job, Josh Marshall has nothing to say on it. Out of the 3 subjects, Marshall gets it the worst, Evangelical Outpost has highlights from the article. Denmark: Danish government secures this guy release from Gitmo and he declares Danish government ministers as legit terror targets. Numerous politicians condemned the remarks and an Iman cleared up the "legality" of killing people. "It is only legal (under Islamic law) to kill individuals who are armed and actively participating in the war in Iraq. Only if the Prime Minister and Defense Minister were armed and actively fighting in the war would it be legal to kill them," said Ferchichi. Nigeria: Rebels says the War starts on October 1st, so oil prices are going to skyrocket if this begins.



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