Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Bush records: No, I am not surprised that the press would run with the national guard stuff again, After the pounding Kerry took in August and the press being forced to run with the swiftboat stuff, this is payback time for them. Bryon York of the The Hill/National Review writes up a comprehensive review on this whole deal. There is nothing there, but all the press needs to do is confuse the issue and play up certain parts, they want Kerry in and they will do what it takes. Look at it this way, if Kerry loses to Bush after all the water carrying they have done for Kerry, they will look like fools. More on Bush's Records from Captain's Quarters, Justoneminute and Instapundit. Bush Cocaine: Now Sharon Bush who Kitty Kelly said was the source of the "Bush used Coke" charge says she never told Kelly this and denies ever saying it. But, thats not the point of the charge if its true or not, its already out there and Kelly is going to be on the Today Show for 3 mornings in a row with perky Katie spreading these rumors around. That's the whole point, its desperation time for the Media. They are going to throw anything and everything at President Bush hoping it will stick. France: Chirac gets blamed for the French losing influence. Sudan: US gets a draft going in the U.N. to put sanctions on Sudan's oil industry if it doesn't allow an African peace keeping force in.



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