Saturday, September 25, 2004

Che`: Great piece on the ridiculous idolizing by snot nosed college students and aging leftist groupies of Che Guevara, who are now drooling over the movie "The Motorcycle Diaries" based on the writings of a young Che before he becaming a murdering psychopath. Another humorous piece on the legend of Che is from Humberto Fontova called " The Real Che Guevara" from a couple of years ago. Cuba: Fidel is not far behind in being idolized by leftists, Oliver Stone praises Fidel as one of the great world leaders! Stone also shows his conspiracy tin foiling has gotten worse saying the Vast Right Wing monster is everwhere and Anti Castro people are evil liars who stole the Florida election. Detroit: The Detroit council oks a plan for "African Town", a plan to create a black business district where only black-owned business are for black people, also complaints that "...immigrants from Mexico, Asia and the Middle East are stealing resources, jobs and other opportunities from blacks and calls on city leaders to stop the economic shift." Thank you Detroit for continuing to make us black people look stupid year in and year out.



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