Saturday, September 04, 2004

Russia: Russian Government is furious about what/how the EU Dutch presidency said concerning the tragic outcome of the hostage crisis. AP bias: Captain's Quarters blog has a roundup on the AP putting out a story that a Bush rally crowd booed when he announced that Clinton went into the hospital for bypass surgery. Just a huge embrassment for the Associated Press that they must correct in public instead of hoping it goes away. Britain: Nonsense by the UK National Black Police Association and people who should know better demanding quotas.

"...But Supt Ali Dizaei, one of Britain's top ethnic minority officers, told the programme that if two applicants of the same standard - one black, one white - were interviewed for a job and were the same standard, the black applicant should get it. "There is no evidence at all that this debate, if implemented, is going to cause resentment," he said. "
I know people are always happy to find out they lost a job due to the color of their skin. Its okay because they realize they are just helping us black folk! This fool is one of their top "ethnic minority" officers? I guess he got that based on his skin color and not his intelligence.



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