Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Sudan: UN is still not satisfied with the sudanese efforts in stopping the killings in the Darfur region. Zell!: Jimmy Carter whines to Zell about his speech at the GOP convention. Zell should have sent a rabbit back. NYTIMES: Dawn Eden points out the Times hellbent on being PC on Islamic Terrorists changing around one of those that were captured to wipe out any hint they may have been Muslim. Original phrasing. Belfast Telegraph:"I did not shoot. I swear by Allah I did not shoot," said the handcuffed man. London Times: "I did not shoot. I swear by Allah I did not shoot," he said. "I swear by Allah I want to live." NYTIMES: "By God, I did not shoot!'' he mumbled when asked if he had fired on fleeing hostages. "By God, I have not killed!'' Pathetic.



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