Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Sudan: United State has to weaken a resolution against Sudan to try and get approval for something against the Sudanese government for not stopping the violence. "The new version, amending one debated by the council's 15 member countries last week, maintained the promise of sanctions but substituted the words "shall consider" for "shall take" action in the section outlining possible punishment for noncompliance." "The new proposal, with its focus on Sudan's oil, served to deepen opposition from China and Pakistan, both of which get oil supplies from Sudan. Sudan took in $1 billion in oil revenue in 2002, on production of 250,000 barrels a day. Wang Guangya, the ambassador of China, who said that the resolution would earn a veto from his country unless the language were altered, had no immediate reaction to the revisions. But he suggested that any mention of sanctions on oil would still pose problems for China." France: Looking to bribe and beg companies not to outsource. I doubt it will work unless the incentives get bigger, Eastern Europe is a nice area to get cheap labor and a couple of tax breaks may not cut it for France. Marriage: Its getting common place for Women to exact "revenge" on their husbands this way. This case the guy deserves it, and this one not so much deserving. Elections: Former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry is back!... AGAIN! Bust out the crack and celebrate! Who the hell are these people who keep voting for him?



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