Sunday, October 31, 2004

BBC: When it comes to loving terrorists like Yasser Arafat, BBC correspondents take a backseat to almost no one in Western Media. Barbara Plett: "Yet when the helicopter carrying the frail old man rose above his ruined compound, I started to cry... without warning. In quieter moments since I have asked myself, why the sudden surge of emotion? " "...Despite his obvious failings - his use of corruption, his ambivalence towards violence, his autocratic way of ruling - no one could accuse him of cowardice. " I expect her to bust out with a remix of "Don't cry for me Argentina" the Arafat version. Read the whole thing, it's a stunning example of why you cannot get objective coverage of the Middle East and Israel from the BBC. More here at NormBlog. Roger Simon weighs in. New Zealand: This is amusing, the Maori who were the original inhabitants of New Zealand say they own the NZ coastline and fighting to stop a bill that would "nationalize" it so no one can claim ownership. Arafat: Speaking of the old bastard, He is said to be stable and curable.. darn it. Spain: Radical Islam on the rise in Spain's jail system which seems to be the norm in other places such as Australia/New Zealand and especially in the United States system.



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