Monday, October 25, 2004

France: Chirac's popularity falling over various issues. Iran: Iran refuses to stop uranium enrichment forever, but will continue talks Britain, France and Germany . Iran is going to wring out as much as possible from them, then continue on with the enrichment. Canada: 47 out of 50 Aboriginal languages faces extinction between 20-40 years. As with all diversity issues, conference members want the government to do something about it. It's Canada, so I wouldn't be surprised if a law is passed forcing the teaching of languages in schools. Trinidad: The latest sign of Trinidad and Tobago devolving into a third world hellhole, protests that a Christian school would have a Christian song in a national school singing competiton have turned into boycotts by other schools with different religions. Satnarayan Maharaj, Secretary General, "He told the Express, "We are boycotting it completely. We would have thought that the celebrations of Eid and Dewali which comes before Christmas, the authorities would have taken this into account." Maharaj said the song was composed to brain wash children into accepting Christianity and abandoning the religion they now practise. " If your child can be brain washed by one song in a singing competition to another religion, you did a crappy job of teaching him/her your religion or your child(doesn't say the age groups) really wasn't into it in the first place. The fact that a prominent member of an organization(they manage schools of the Hindu faith) says something so stupid and tinfoil is an embarassment. But no one is going to call him on it.



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