Wednesday, October 20, 2004

France Troubles: It's economy is heading towards an economic decline if it doesn't cut back on its public sector in a report by former IMF head, anti-semitism on the rise could break down French society in another report and two girls wearing Muslim headscarves were expelled from school. Germany: Combination of high oil prices and slow down in exports is going to keep the German economy down thru next year. That's not a good thing for the EU. Detroit: The continued quest of Detroit, Michigan to be the laughing stock of Urban living in America continues at a breath-taking pace, city council approved 5-4 for "African" town. "Under the proposal, the city's economic development and planning agencies would work with black business groups and others to develop an African Town business area, modeled on the city's Greektown and Mexicantown business districts." "The resolution approved Monday does not carry the force of a law but signals the council's endorsement of the proposal. For African Town to be created, the council would have to work with Kilpatrick to ensure its legality and create a mechanism for financing it, mayoral spokesman Howard Hughey said." Only in Detroit where the population is 80% black to begin with, would something like this pass. It can't be just a proposal to help out people wanting to start a business, given 80% black makeup, the majority of people seeking out business help would be black. It has to be a forced setup that makes Detroit look ridiculous and small-minded. The original proposal was off the charts racist before this revised version passed. "The crux of the plan is the creation of a business district -- dubbed African Town -- that would be funded in part with city money and made up of black-owned businesses catering to a black clientele. The report also complains that immigrants from Mexico, Asia and the Middle East are stealing resources, jobs and other opportunities from blacks and calls on city leaders to stop the economic shift."



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