Thursday, October 21, 2004

Iran: Iranians are unlikely to make concessions to the Euro-3 to stop their uranium enrichment. I'm shocked I tell ya, shocked! France: The "truce" between Islamic groups and French government is already breaking about the headscarf ban law. The kidnappers have demanded that France abolish the law, forcing French Muslim leaders into a low profile so as not to endanger the hostages' lives. But that wall of silence began cracking amid a rash of expulsions of Muslim girls from public schools this week -- at least three for wearing bandannas. "We refuse blackmail against France from overseas," Breze said, referring to the demand by the Islamic Army of Iraq, which claims to hold the hostages, to abolish the law. "They tell us to be quiet because of the hostages. ... But we also refuse blackmail against the Muslim community. They are depriving us of our rights." France: Outrage with a report calling for mandatory English language lessons for French students. Jacques Myard, an MP from the ruling UMP party, said that English would be displaced as the world's most-spoken language because of growing competition from Spanish and Chinese. "If we must make a language compulsory, it should be Arabic," he said. Insert your Eurabia joke here. Guardian: The left falling Guardian decided to muck about in US elections with a letter writing campaign, of course it ends in an utter failure and humiliation.



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