Thursday, October 28, 2004

NAACP: IRS may look into their tax exempt status because as a tax exempt organization, by law they cannot make political speeches, supporting/opposing candidates for elective offices. First question is what took so damn long, and how long will it take for claims that this is GOP/Republican/Bush hunt to get at the vaunted NAACP? My prediction is that their tax exempt status is protected if the IRS actually goes after them by the Demos and allies. It shouldn't be though. UN: Kofi Annan vetoed a guilty sex verdict that was on a senior UN official because it didn't hold up on a legal basis in his mind. I await the feminist groups to protest. Yasser Arafat: Arafat heads to Paris for treatment because he may have leukemia, I should be nice and say a speedy recovery, but I hope the bug eyed terrorist bastard bites it. The man has led Palestinians to the state they are in now thru his ego, bugling of negotiations, his greed and duplicity. If he goes, maybe something can get going with the peace process. Turkey/EU: Turkish press writer, Mehmet Ali Birand says that France should keep its word on helping Turkey into the EU. Let me try to help those who think that Turkey will get into the EU any time soon. No way and no how, the French public and most of the government do not want Turkey in the EU bringing along its "River of Islam" with it. They will put up obstacles, rules, conditions, just throw everything but the kitchen sink. EU: More worries about the EU economy.



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