Monday, October 18, 2004

Spain: Since its new socialist government came into power, they are doing their damnest to start erasing its history to be more "multicultral". Now its removing severed heads of four Moors from its heraldic shield in the Spanish region of Aragon creating a ruckus. France: French government surrenders to unions in easing firing laws. They must like the high costs of doing business in France. Germany: Workers at the GM Opel assembly plant in Bochum are striking to protest huge job cuts at the plant. I don't think making the situation worse since the job cuts are set in stone is a good idea. Mary Cheney: I don't get Andrew Sullivan's rantings over the last few days about people being upset over John Kerry speaking about Mary Cheney. I'm trying to figure out if he truly doesn't understand or just playing ignorant so he can defend Kerry. You do not bring in your opponent's children to make a political point, even if Kerry was off the cuff(I don't believe that) it was a gaffe that made him look bad, especially when Mary Beth Cahill comes out and calls someone's daughter "fair game". It doesn't matter the subject or how nice Kerry was trying to be, the children are off limits. It seems a lot of other people taught so as well. NAACP: Nice to see the voter drive for the NAACP is now using crack to get people registered.



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