Monday, October 18, 2004

Trinidad: The further decline of a nation continues as Trinidad public health care system is so bad, they have to take advice from World Health Organisation (WHO) to use methods from African Hospitals to prevent from getting infections in hospitals. Its getting close to where I can declare Trinidad a 3rd world hellhole. Darfur: So much for Kerry's Multilateralism, global test and all that other stuff when it comes to Darfur. Kerry argued that the administration's humanitarian aid for the people of Darfur had amounted only to a "band-aid" on genocide and called for tough sanctions on the Sudanese government in Khartoum. "If the UN refuses to act, we will lead our partners outside the Security Council to sanction Khartoum, just as we did the apartheid government of South Africa," he said. If the media was worth a damn in America, they would ask him which partners on the security council is he talking about since they are the ones blocking any useful resolution/sanctions.



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