Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Trinidad: Good news is that Oil Revenues will be higher than expected, the future bad news as predicted by me, someone will be found skimming from the revenues. This other story had me confused, I may have been too young to realize but Trinidad is now trying to reach U.N. development goals? I never thought my homeland was a nation just above 3rd world status. I guess I was wrong. I was also wrong in the intelligence level of certain Trinis who are advocating closer relations to Cuba and Venezuela. Though comparatively insignificant, it is, nevertheless, the kind of practical gesture of solidarity that the Cuban people would appreciate from Caricom. In the meanwhile, let's also hope for political correctness in Washington's dealings with Venezuela under Chavez's legitimate leadership. This is heart warming to know, "political correctness" in hoping that America will embrace a 2nd rate despot who is turning Venezuela into a 3rd world country has come to Trinidad. The more I read what is going on in Trinidad from the outside looking in P.O.V. The more I'm realizing the place is going to hell in a handbasket.



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