Monday, November 22, 2004

Europe: The fallout from Van Gogh's murder is getting bigger and Europeans are getting a bit more strident in putting the message out to immigrants(Muslims in this case) that the right way is the European way. Gerald Schroeder: "Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has warned Germany's immigrant population to come out of the ghettos and integrate better into society, saying he will not allow a foreign culture to develop inside the country." Geert Wilders: " One of the most popular politicians in the Netherlands said yesterday that the country's democracy is being threatened, and called for a five-year halt to non-Western immigration following the killing of a Dutch filmmaker by a suspected Muslim radical" UK: New civil orders could be used to restrict the activities of people suspected of planning terrorist acts, David Blunkett, the Home Secretary, said yesterday. He said the proposed orders - similar to current anti-social behaviour orders - could be imposed on individuals who had not committed an offence but were suspected of "acts preparatory to terrorism". Multiculturalism: Article by Paul Mulshine in the Star Ledger, "Multiculturalism takes a hit " in Holland. "Van Gogh's was the second assassination to arise out of that culture clash. Two years ago, an openly gay politician named Pim Fortuyn was killed by a left-winger who objected to Fortuyn's aggressive attacks on Holland's high levels of Muslim immigration. Though that killing was equally shocking, many Dutch liberals avoided thinking of the implications of Fortuyn's arguments by dismissing him as a right-winger, Evans-Pritchard said. "As soon as you start attacking multiculturalism, you get pegged as a right-winger," said Evans-Pritchard. In fact, the reason that Fortuyn had turned against Muslim immigration was that one of his gay lovers had been beaten up by young Muslims. "He wasn't a right-winger, he was a gay Marxist professor," Evans-Pritchard said of Fortuyn. But the Dutch multiculturalists simply couldn't accept that the experiment had gone wrong. "They were in complete denial about what had happened in this multicultural utopia they thought they had created," he said. " Crime: Camden, New Jersey, most dangerous city in America, Detroit came in second.



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