Sunday, November 14, 2004

Fallujah: This is what annoys me about western media when it comes to news about Iraq, they seem to be months behind what is happening on the ground. Knight Ridder story via Matthew Yglesias goes on about Fallujah residents hating the foreign fighters "now" that have taken over their town. The problem with this is that the Iraqi sites have been writing about this since May of this year. May 27, 2004 "They have placed the citizens under the Islamic Sharia law. Residents say alleged criminals were in public and shops selling alcohol shut down. The militants have warned that anyone found selling or drinking alcohol will be lashed in public and thieves will have their hands amputated. Barbers and hair dressers are under instructions not to follow hair styles prevalent in the West and they are encouraged to help males grow beards. Women have to cover up and the sexes will have to be segregated in schools and public places." Institute for War & Peace Reporting "...Like many in Fallujah, this policeman expressed resentment at insurgents who are capable of calling someone a spy merely for talking with people from out of town or trying to make a call on a satellite phone. "I hate them,” he said. “The mujahideen can decide 'you're a good man', or 'you're a spy.' If it's 'you're a spy', then you're finished." The resentment is not a surprise. Islam conflicts: Telegraph story on the conflicts between Hui Muslims and Han Chinese coming to the surface after just a traffic accident. What is making me angry is that once again Muslim leaders seem hellbent on taking other Muslims on a destructive path and siding with Islamic terrorists as this is a good thing. "At an Islamic centre in Zhengzhou, where writing on the wall is in both Arabic and Chinese script, passions were clearly aroused by the trouble between Nanren and Weitang. Perhaps ominously, the mosque leaders appear sympathetic to the insurgents in Iraq. The mosque's Ramadan letter declares: "In our Muslim world, our brothers are suffering a great disaster. "Their actions in self-defence have been judged to be extremist terrorism, but they are struggling in an imperialist war that is killing people and rotting modern civilisation." The defiant mood in Iraq is apparently shared by mosque elders, a foretaste of further problems ahead for the Chinese authorities. "If our brothers are being attacked," said one elder, Lao Mai, "it is a duty in our religion to join them in the fight." Perfect example of an Iman leading down the path of nowhere. "A local imam said that one of his followers was found beheaded in rice paddy ditches, a Hui official told The Sunday Telegraph. "They share the same market, but the Hui people are insulted by the Han's behaviour," he said. "The Han stallholders try to sell them pork, pushing it in front of their faces all the time. Now the imam says the Han in Weitang are savages who mock our traditions by cutting our throats." That had better be a misquote because it again puts a stigma on Muslims since beheading is not a Islamic tradition.



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