Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Blogs: Nick Coleman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, also known as the Minneapolis Hammer and Sickle(also the Minneapolis Red Star), throws a rambling hissy fit at the guys who run the Powerline blog for being conservatives and alive. No one has quite figured out how to fisk his article because it doesn't make much sense. It seems more and more "mainstream" journalists are getting agitated that their influence is waning and worse, they are being questioned and corrected(see Rathergate). In the case of Coleman, I guess being picked on and made fun for his columns of knowledge he throws out there on a weekly basis is getting to him. Tsunami: The Death Toll is now over 100,000 and rising rapidly. President Bush says a coalition of countries composed of the United States, India, Australia and Japan will be coordinating relief aid and rebuilding efforts.



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