Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas: Christmas trees have been banned from all public places in Pasco county, Florida because the county lawyer says they are religious symbols. Barney the Dog: Barney's Christmas video is up and the part where Karl Rove wants more Red ornaments than Blue is going to tick someone off. Canada: If you read a report about someone that says this, "KARLA HOMOLKA is a ticking time bomb who is likely to kill again, according to a recent risk assessment by the National Parole Board. "The commission believes if (Homolka) was freed before the end of the sentence ... we are convinced you would commit an infraction that would result in the death or grave harm of another person," the Dec. 12 assessment obtained by the Toronto Sun states. " You would hope that this person would be locked away or moved onto an island. But, since this is Canada, the end of her sentence is July 5th, 2005 and she most likely will end up in Alberta.



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