Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Iraqi bloggers: Juan Cole, far leftist calls into question the credibility and motives of Iraqi Bloggers at Iraq the Model by using a neat slight of hand to begin the argument, he brings in a report from Martini Republic that basically calls them CIA operatives, adds his two cents that their opinion is out of the mainstream of Iraq and implies it's all a scam. All hell breaks loose and Jeff Jarvis rips Cole for stupidity and explaining how idiotic the conspiracy theories he has made up are in light of the evidence. Cole jumps back and sticks to his opinion poll and says this about calling into question the brothers credibility. "I drew attention to Martini Republic's questions about the independence of IraqTheModel without actually expressing any opinion myself one way or another, except to say that they are out of the Iraqi mainstream. "' There he exposes the trick, if the only thing he said was that the brothers opinion were out of the mainstream, it's just going to be a he said/they said deal with most people dismissing Cole out of hand. But, bring in the M.R. article filled with conspiracies, now, his "out of the mainstream Iraq opinion can be explained as he lets the M.R do the implying and he puts some numbers up to complete the reality he wants to create. As I said, it's a neat trick that you can fall for if you are not paying attention. if he had used a more credible site with questions that can't be explained away in five seconds. He might have had something.



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