Sunday, December 26, 2004

Kyoto: Philadelphia Inquirer editorial on America's stance about the Kyoto treaty goes with the hope that most people who actually read it only have the Inquirer as their news source. "A storm of recent climate news must have passed the White House by - or maybe it knocked out the power in key offices. That might explain why administration representatives acted like bystanders they did at the United Nations convention on global climate change this month in Buenos Aires. "Many of delegates to this month's Buenos Aires convention disagreed. Representatives of about 200 countries were there to work out details of the Kyoto Treaty, which requires 30 industrialized nations to reduce their emissions by 2012. The treaty has been ratified by 130 countries, but not the United States. It takes effect Feb. 16. "....The Buenos Aires convention had hoped to look beyond Kyoto and 2012, but U.S. delegates declined. They stood on the sidelines quibbling over the very term climate change (preferring climate variability). They questioned scientific findings. They bragged about technologies that are decades from market. In other words, the world's largest polluter continues to stall on an issue which most of the world views as urgent."' Problem is all of this is selective reporting as Reuters reported, many countries have problem with the Kyoto treaty especially beyond 2012. " BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Reuters) - U.N. talks on climate change have ended with few steps forward after the United States, oil producers and developing giants slammed the brakes on the European Union's drive for deeper emissions cuts to stop globalwarming. While the United States remained intransigent on future talks, the oil-producing nations and Saudi Arabia in particular also thwarted the EU agenda. "It would be a big mistake to put this all down to the United States. Not for the first time, the oil-producing countries play a far biggerrole than anyone ever gives them credit for," said British Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett. "



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