Saturday, December 18, 2004

Kyoto Treaty dead in the water. Ronald Bailey of Reason magazine says after 2012, Kyoto is history as more countries besides the United States resist the EU and enviros push to limit emissions of greenhouse gases. "The conventional wisdom that it's the United States against the rest of the world in climate change diplomacy has been turned on its head. Instead it turns out that it is the Europeans who are isolated. China, India, and most of the rest of the developing countries have joined forces with the United States to completely reject the idea of future binding GHG emission limits. At the conference here in Buenos Aires, Italy shocked its fellow European Union members when it called for an end to the Kyoto Protocol in 2012. These countries recognize that stringent emission limits would be huge barriers to their economic growth and future development. " Reuters: " BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Reuters) - U.N. talks on climate change have ended with few steps forward after the United States, oilproducers and developing giants slammed the brakes on the European Union's drive for deeper emissions cuts to stop globalwarming. While the United States remained intransigent on future talks, the oil-producing nations and Saudi Arabia in particular also thwartedthe EU agenda."It would be a big mistake to put this all down to the United States. Not for the first time, the oil-producing countries play a far biggerrole than anyone ever gives them credit for," said British Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett. Negotiators had to overcome OPEC resistance to push through a partial climate aid package for developing countries, the most hurtby the rise in world temperatures linked to man-made emissions like carbon dioxide.The developing nations also resisted the EU's agenda, aware that many Europeans believe the fast-growing economies should stoptheir dirty practices, like coal-intensive industry or burning forests to make way for farming."We are not prepared to discuss reductions in emissions," said Brazilian head delegate Everton Vieira Vargas." Roger Simon has thoughts about this as well.



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