Monday, December 13, 2004

Madden: EA signs exclusive deal with NFL and NFL players union for the next 5 years, shutting down any competition from Take Two's/Sega ESPN football series. Take Two is unhappy. "Take-Two said the Sega NFL game was not a "material contributor" to its profits, but nonetheless it condemned the exclusive NFL/EA deal."We believe that the decisions of the National Football League and Players Inc. to grant an exclusive license for video games do a tremendous disservice to the consumers and sports fans, whose funds ultimately support the NFL, by limiting their choices, curbing creativity and almost certainly leading to higher game prices," Take-Two said in a statement." Sports Business Journal had this scoop way back in May 2004 which brought denials from all parties involved. But according to Gene Upshaw in today's article. "We started talking about this months before the ESPN product even hit the shelves," Gene Upshaw, director of the NFL Players Association, told Reuters. "Its been an ongoing dialogue about what can we do in this category to make it better for all of us."



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