Friday, December 17, 2004

Minnesota: Bloom County comes to life in Minneapolis as a reporter got in trouble for sending an email with "racially insensitive" words. "A Star Tribune reporter was disciplined Thursday after he disclosed that he wrote an e-mail to a Minneapolis police official that contained racially insensitive language. David Chanen, a police reporter, told editors that he used the term "colored officers" in an e-mail sent Wednesday to Minneapolis Police Inspector Donald Banham, who is black. Star Tribune Managing Editor Scott Gillespie sent a letter Thursday to Minneapolis Police Chief Bill McManus saying that the newspaper "owes you and your department a deep and sincere apology" for the language used in the e-mail. McManus said Thursday night that the newspaper's apology "should be made to Minneapolis Police Department officers of color, not to me. Certainly, they are all offended by it. This isn't the 1960s anymore." Gillespie and Chanen said the reporter had intended to use the term "officers of color," but made an error in rushing to send the e-mail. Gillespie said he couldn't comment on the details of the discipline because it was a personnel matter. What the hell is "officers of color", when did describing someone as black become offensive, this reminded me of the strip where Steve Dallas argued with his parents in Bloom County. Mom: That's the most adorable little colored girl playing outside. Steve: "Colored"?!? You're saying "colored people" in 1988?!? You know better, Ma. Mom: Then why the "National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? I don't think Negroes mind at all. Steve: Don't say "Negroes," Ma! You can't say "Negroes"! Mom: Can I say "United Negro College Fund"? Steve: You're baiting me, Ma! Dad: That's it! We're leaving. Mom: Stay put, Reginald. "Mister Socially Sensitive" isn't finished shaming his parents into enlightenment. Steve: Everybody just calm down. Let's agree to use the the New-Age term "People of Color." Mom: People of Color? Steve: People of Color. Mom: . . . Colored people. Steve: NO!!! Dad: We're leaving!



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