Friday, December 17, 2004

President Bush: AP brings the whine in this piece. "PARIS (AP) - To the French, he's an uncouth cowboy - a swaggering statesman in a Stetson who shoots from the hip and asks questions later, if he asks them at all. They're not the only ones who think so. From Berlin to Beijing, U.S. President George W. Bush was widely scorned abroad during his first term as a headstrong hombre more interested in action than consultation. Now, as the world spins into a new year, many are eyeing his second term with a mixture of caution, frustration and resignation. Denied the chance to wipe the slate clean with a Kerry administration, nations like France - snubbed and sidelined by a bitter trans-Atlantic rift over Iraq and other foreign policy squabbles - can only hope that Bush will cast a less imposing shadow over the next four years. " All signs point to major disappointment for these hopes, which is a good thing.

Shaq/Kobe: Kobe went on a PR blitz on Wednesday , all over PTI and ESPN basketball shows to try and stop the downhill motion his image is going, Shaq was not in any mood to listen to his apology. "....Bryant also addressed the idea that he drove O'Neal out of Los Angeles. ''People automatically thought that I forced Shaq out, forced Phil [Jackson] out, and that is just not true,'' Bryant said. ``Who am I to say what the Lakers should do when I didn't know where I was going?'' O'Neal said everyone he was closely associated with on the Lakers is no longer with the team, which he doesn't consider a coincidence. ''Listen, everybody that had something to do with me has been fired or traded or cut,'' O'Neal said. ``My boy Rick Fox was cut, and he's out there doing [bad] movies.'' O'Neal doesn't intend to prove anything to Bryant and the Lakers on Christmas Day. ''I don't have to make a point,'' O'Neal said. ``I'm George Bush. I'm the president. I built that arena, so I don't have to make a point. I think it'll take us out of what we're trying to do for me to go in there and try to make points.''
Oliver Stone: Stone is whining(lots of whining today) that America didn't appreciate his box office dud Alexander because they don't like history and uncomfortable about seeing someone empire building..cause that's what America is doing of course. Politics, he argued, might have been a more appropriate focus for viewers looking for controversy. "If you're going to start talking about headlines, why don't you start to talk about the strange parallels between Alexander's empire building and America's empire building that they did in the Near East?" he said. "They didn't do that in America. They did it in Europe, they're doing it in Europe much more. "I think one of the reasons - this is speculation - is that perhaps Americans are uncomfortable with the idea that someone else tried it first and maybe tried it better," Stone added. According to Rotten Tomatoes , 163 critics total, 85% of them can't appreciate Oliver Stone's brillance.



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