Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tsunami: David and Joanne Ali of Australia show what disgusting, putrid, self centered garbage human beings can be in horrific circumstances. They whined that the Australian government didn't get them out of the resort island of Phuket fast enough. "The newlyweds, who arrived home today, said other countries ordered immediate extra flights, with officials actively searching for their nationals. "(Other Australians) were all a bit upset too to see that (other) countries cared enough to send over extra planes just to get them out (and) buses were coming around," Mr Ali said. "There was nothing from Australia. We were just left standing there." Ms Ali said: "We got this SMS saying (Foreign Minister) Alexander Downer's sending you water and blankets, and we all just (said) 'Oh great, that's going to do a lot for us. We just want to get out of here'." Mr Ali said the reaction should have been "much more, much faster". "I just got the feeling if it wasn't something to do with terrorism and if (Prime Minister) John Howard couldn't get political mileage out of it, then why bother." and even worse for these delicate flowers. "We just had to go with the flow with whatever they could provide us with there. "If any of those officials from the Government had been there and seen those bodies floating passed you and people getting smashed by cars, sheets of glass cutting people in half ..." People are searching for relatives, burying their dead, utter chaos and destruction. This poor 2 year old kid is lying in a hospital no one knows who he is. This one year old lost his mom and these two trogs whine because it took them 48 hours to leave on their scheduled flight, Australian officials are bad people. Then they throw in a cheap political shot at Prime Minister John Howard. What a wonderful pair. BTW, how come out of all the complaints, these are the only two on record Australian news sources can find to bitch so far?



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