Tuesday, December 14, 2004

UK: I can't wait to see the 10 day waiting period to buy a knife and having to get a license for it in Britain. Devastated relatives of stabbing victims travelled to No 10 yesterday to make an emotional plea for a change in the law.They are demanding a five-year minimum jail term for carrying a blade longer than three inches, the same as for a gun.The Home Office, which publishes a new package of measures on knife crime tomorrow, has said that would not take in to account people legitimately carrying knifes for work or other reasons. yeah right, it always starts out this way and then slides fast into stupidity. UK: An absolutely idiotic opinion given by Iqbal Sacranie in the London Telegraph in response to Charlie Moore's article about the push to have laws "banning incitement to religious hatred" I would considered the law now to be over the top though policing, if someone wants to act like a twit, so be it, you also have the freedom to debate/boycott that person or political party or whatever. But the gist of Sacranie's argument is this. "...It is no easy task to convey to a secular audience the immense love and esteem in which Muslims hold the Prophet. To us, he was the restorer of the worship of the One True God; teacher of an elegant and pristine monotheism; the friend of the orphans and the poor; a wise statesman, brave warrior, loving father, considerate husband; he was also the final of God's Prophets sent to mankind to remind us of the awesome Day of Judgment, when all will be called to account for the deeds we have committed during our lifetimes. Anyway, back to Mr Moore. We seem to be revisiting the arguments that came to the fore during the Satanic Verses affair. Is freedom of expression without bounds? Muslims are not alone in saying "No" and calling for safeguards against vilification of dearly cherished beliefs. Earlier this year, the BBC accepted complaints from Catholics and withdrew its cartoon series Popetown. Why does society not show the same courtesy and sensitivity towards Muslims?" The BBC example works against his argument, people heard about the show and applied pressure to the BBC and BBC backed down, the same happened with CBS and the Reagan miniseries. Both cases it was the public, not the government causing the change. That is the course that everyone should take when it concerns works and opinions about anything in the public domain. Muslims who are pushing for this law like Sacranie are doing more harm than good. He is casting Muslims as being thin-skinned and intolerant of people in Western civilization who do question religious beliefs. That is something he and others who are part of the West better get used too.



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