Thursday, December 09, 2004

UN: Ambassador to the United Nations, John Dansforth says the Bush Administration has full confidence in Kofi as the head of the organization. As I said yesterday Kofi Annan makes a useful idiot. The call is already out there, and any other charges that come out now will help to renew those calls and make it uncomfortable for those who backed Kofi fully. Kyoto: Top Climate scientist says the way the treaty works is not going to work. "Dr Broecker's criticism of Kyoto centres on the fact that the treaty at present commits only the rich, industrialised countries of the West to cut their carbon emissions. The developing nations, led by China and India, are not yet required to do anything. But their burgeoning economic development is largely powered by burning coal and other fossil fuels, and the soaring CO2 emissions that this will produce will far outweigh the cuts that could be brought about by all the energy conservation and alternative energy schemes of the West, Dr Broecker says." That has been my problem with from the beginning, forget about the fact most countries that want everyone to follow it are not even close to coming to the targets that are set. It all boils down to this being a money making scheme shifting from developed countries to developing countries. Something that India is well aware.



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