Monday, January 26, 2004

California Grocery strikes are not working all that well, most telling is the last couple of paragraphs on why. The companies have lost millions of dollars in sales because of the picketing but have been able to keep stores open with replacement workers. While the losses in Southern California are substantial, they represent just a fraction of the companies' overall revenue. "The longer these things go on, the more difficult they become for the workers to prevail," said Robert Bruno, associate professor of labor and industrial relations at the University of Illinois in Chicago. "It's not as hard to replace a cashier as it is to replace a technician in a modern steel plant or a pilot on a plane." Howard Dean! says that Iraqis have a worse standard of living now than before the war. Now you see why the GOP wants among all of the democratic candidates Dean. Iraqis that Howard Dean hasn't met say differently though New Hampshire primary is this Tuesday and while various polls have different numbers, the order for the most part is Kerry first, Dean second, Edwards third, Clark fourth. The problem with these polls is that Independents in the state outnumber the Democrats and you never know what they will do. Dean has to win here because next week is Super Tuesday and he is going to head into states he is not strong in. Iranian hardliner Guardian Council refused reinstating thousands of candidates it had disqualified earlier. It will get ugly fast if this situation is not defused. Parents with stupid kids who can't make the honor roll in Nashville schools complained about the "embrassment" their kids might be subject too. This is what the public school system is coming too in America, we are just raising kids to worry more about their feelings than actual education. The principal didn't help with the situation at one of the schools with his liberal junk. "I discourage competitive games at school," he said. "They just don't fit my world view of what a school should be." France has gone after religious symbols and headscarves to maintain their idea of a secular society(since they realized they had about 5 million muslims living in society that hasn't brought into the French ideals) Now they are going after skullcaps, turbans from the Sikhs, and crosses from the Assyro-Chaldeans. This won't end well.


Sunday, January 18, 2004

Germany's Economy contracted by 0.1%, hurt by domestic spending down and the high euro which is helping American exporters is hurting the Euro zone. Howard Dean who just a few weeks ago was the clear frontrunner in Iowa and New Hampshire now finds his lead in NH down margin of error in some polls and in 3rd place according to a Des Moines Register poll. Surprisingly, John Kerry has surged to first and John Edwards who has run a feel-good, positive campaign while not taking any hits from his rivals has gone from single digits to second. My thinking is Dean's gaffes and stumbling around trying to answer the charges coming at him almost every day now has taken a toll, As the caucuses pull closer, a lot of people are taking stock and seeing who has the best chance to win in November. Dean's angry man persona may work for a small segment of the Democratic Party, but with the seasoned Iowa caucus voter, they may have come to the conclusion that Dean is not a winnable ticket. Muslims protest over the proposed banning of the headscarves in France. France wants to ban it to preserve secularism, Muslims says its denies them freedom of religion. Of course the real reason the ban is in play is because France fears Islamic fundamentalism and this is a law to show who/what is boss. one word: duh. The problem is that this is way too late and if the french who support the ban thinks this will ease the problem, they got a bad thing coming their way. History buffs will like this, over 5 million aerial photos from World War 2 will be released on the internet.


Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Nice Puff Piece in Rolling Stone Magazine for Howard Dean, which is the "hip" Place for Democratic politicians to show off to young people or until you leave college and go into the real world. Then it hits you all those Free [insert country name here] pieces and articles on "hard hitting" social issues isn't worth anything. Paul O'Neill is backtracking so fast maybe in the hopes he can go back in time and not be associated with this book. The foreign suitors for oil paper is bogus, Now his assertion in the 60 minutes piece about the Admin planning war in Iraq early was just a continuation of plans from the Clinton Administration. EU Commission wants to take its finance ministers to court for letting Germany and France run roughshod over EU budget rules. The only outcomes are either the EU commish wins and just ticks off France/Germany or they lost further damaging the credibility of the rules that is supposed to govern the EU. Then of course the Euro governments will just change the rules around to fit their needs anyway. whole bunch of nothing. Someone may want to drop a line to the Toronto Star Editorial section and correct them about Paul O'Neill. But you would think a major paper would at least try to figure out if everything was true. Germany announced a huge overhaul of its armed forces and deep cuts in military spending, also plans to get rid of the mandatory national service, but hospitals liked the cheap labor. One-eyed Goat born in Durban, South Africa. I am not a big baseball fan, but I think this means the New York Papers are not happy with Roger Clemens going to the Astros.


Monday, January 12, 2004

Back from extended lazing. France has decided to kick off the bums on the unemployment line Since this is France, expect massive protests by people demanding to be left on the unemployment line. People against the Headscraves ban in France are gearing up for a worldwide protest on January 17th, Its going to be interesting if France sticks to its guns or backs down because this is basically the beginning of Islam vs French Values. Howard Dean got slammed by Rev Al Sharpton in tonight debate's in Iowa having to concede that in the 12 years he was Governor in Vermont, he never hired a black or latino to his cabinet. That brought this response from Rev Al. "If you want to lecture people on race, you ought to have the background and track record to do that," People of course want to make a big deal out of Paul O'neill and the horror of Bush planning to invade Iraq just days after getting to office. That would work if you overlook the fact there have been plans to overthrow Iraq for years going back to the clinton years and scenarios are planned out for different countries, its the prudent thing to do. BUT, one piece of evidence shown by the book's author Ron Suskind during the 60 minutes interview was a Pentagon document titled "Foreign Suitors for Iraq Oilfield contracts." Problem is that its not a Pentagon document, its a document from Cheney's office, a part of a study of global oil supplies that was gotten by Judicial Watch as part of a lawsuit the PDF file is here. So what else is suspect? The info is from the Iraq News News Letter, a link on has it all. Cuba is cracking down on Internet use. Danny Glover says leave Cuba alone. South Africa: The ANC party lead by Thabo Mbeki is on his re-election bid and to help his chances even more, he is moving to speed up land restitution from white farmers to blacks, but now the new quirk is that land can be taken without anyway for the farmers to fight it. Hey, it worked well in Zimbabwe.

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