Monday, May 31, 2004

Brazil: Its not a good thing when even your country's army is worrying about drug gangs taking their weapons. Congo: Fighting again breaks out between armed forces and what is described as rebel soldiers. But more importantly, Sum 41 has escaped Congo with UN help. EU: Job going to eastern part of the newly expanded EU is giving people heartburn. Mexico: President of Mexico, Vicente Fox says he will meet regularly with France/Germany/Chile/Spain about Iraq. When did Mexico become so important that its sticking its nose where it doesn't belong? This is the big problem over the last couple of years, some countries don't seem to know their pecking order position in the world. Mexico is one of them. EU wants to expand its "world wide influence" and this summit is supposed to be the beginning of it,because the domination of America scares them. I could just throw this away as a bunch of socialists getting together puffing out their chests. EU elections: UK Postmen can decide not to deliver what they believe is extreme political parties election leaflets. This is horrible, just because you may not like a certain political party politics, it is a form of censorship to in anyway delay delivery of the leaflets to mail customers. This is a bad policy. Live Aid II: The Sun is reporting Bono is going to announce Live Aid II to help ease 3rd world debt, Bob Geldof who created the first Live Aid to aid in easing starving people in Ethopia is denying he is helping with this and doesn't sound happy at all about it.

Geldof, the brains behind the original concert to relieve famine in Ethiopia, said in a statement: "I told the Sun this afternoon it was not true. This only serves to undermine the concerted efforts of those concerned with the tragedy of poverty in Africa."
I have to agree, the noble pursuit of easing 3rd world debt, doesn't have the same ring as saving starving people dying in Ethopia. This seems to be a egofest for Bono and all those who will be involved. White House: Gang Wars just minutes from the White House. CNN Headline News: I was amused by the fact Joel Cheatwood was hired by CNN to spice up Headline News, Now Tvinsider say his plans are to hire "...a diverse quartet of on-air types who have opinions to anchor a prime-time Headline show" and probably cut down on the way too busy graphic/newstickers you see on Headline news. Cheatwood greastest accomplishment still is late 80's WSVN 7 Station in Miami, that stations got huge ratings and pissed people off who were watching. It was basically news coverage presented in the most horrific tabloid presentation you could imagine. He is going to try the same thing to Headline news, but I doubt he can get the same success.


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Germany sinking: German consumer confidence down because of rising unemployment and higher gas prices. Anyone think Bush has poll number problems hasn't seen Schroeder's. Iraq: Sadr offers up a truce which happens when he sees his "fighters" getting mowed down, popular sentiment turning against him and his "cause", and the real clerics stand up and start issuing warnings against him. But leave it up to the NYTIMES and Dexter Filkins to turn it around on the troops, including this horror story.

When it appeared that Mahdi Army fighters might move back in, American soldiers returned Tuesday to chase them off, blowing up a cache of heavy ammunition that the militia had been left behind. In the process, they destroyed a large part of what had been left standing, and Mr. Saadie's house collapsed with it, he said. Pausing from his work, Mr. Saadie said he had been suspicious when the Americans had come to Iraq 15 months ago but was inclined to wait a year to see what they could accomplish. In that time, he said, he had grown steadily disappointed as the strife and violence spread and grew. Before they destroyed his home, Mr. Saadie said, several soldiers had used his toilet, leaving bits of tissue paper all about the floor.
Gays/Islam: Andrew Sullivan highlighted a passage by an Islamic cleric saying bun gays and asking why the gay establishment says nothing. Simple, you have two classes of people considered a minority by the left that must be protected(the way they use to feel about us black people), and you want one set to bash the other and putting down their religious beliefs? Not going to happen, I would be surprised if this got any play in the mainstream liberal press because its not a "religious right wingnut" saying it. EU: EU President Romano Prodi calling for radical change in the EU economic policy to meet the goals set by the Lisbon strategy pass America and be the best and biggest economy in the world. This won't happen, the will and necessary balls by everyone to do the changes needed is not there. Media Circle Jerk: Apology by the New York Times by not being left enough..I mean tough enough in their WMD reporting, LATIMES and other critics applaud, USATODAY, who had their false reporting scandal with Jack Kelly, being a bit smary about the apology, Editor and Publisher, the INFORMATION AUTHORITY FOR THE NEWSPAPER INDUSTRY! say yeah okay, but gunning for Judith Miller. Just a whole bunch backslapping and false importance going around. Worker incentive: Danish company giving its workers free subscriptions to porn sites to surf so they can relax.


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Kids gone wild: Two boys in a kindergarten class in Philadelphia doing sex acts for a spongebob squarepants doll. What the hell is going on? Sweden: Swedish Prime Minister has to wait to get a hip replacement using the swedish public health care system where everyone is equal and no matter the pain, you have to wait. So while he waits till christmas to get surgery, he will probably get addicted to painkillers. GO SOCIALIZED MEDICINE! If this was truly a welfare system, wouldn't they have the system pay for private doctors for everyone as well? France: 12 year old girl second banned from school for wearing a headscarf which is illegal to do. France needs to worry about islamic extremists, instead they are running around worry about little girls in headscarves. Typical. Bill Cosby: The reaction to Bill Cosby remarks are finally gaining some steam since he said last week at a gala celebrating 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education where he took shots at lower economic blacks for not holding up their end of the bargain and taking advantage of the opportunities that were fought for. Of course its divided into two camps

1) Bill Cosby is right Here, Here, Here Here, Here, Here and Here
2) Bill Cosby is a fool! Here, Here.
Sad part is the two articles I found good enough for comparison just brought up the same old tired idiotic arguments of "OMG! HOW CAN HE SAY THAT! GIVING AMMO TO RACISTS!, STOP PICKING ON POOR BLACK PEOPLE!" bit. The fact so many black commentators are admitting and cheering on Cosby is encouraging. UK: UK foreign secretary poking fun at the all important EU ambassadors.


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

UN/Congo: More on UN troops having female refugees sell themselves for food. This story of course will not get much play in the mainstream press or will any UN investigation do anything. Gas Prices getting high: Crime: Bunch of kids hunting down alleged child molestor. Beagle 2: Report on the failure of the Beagle 2 mission to Mars, basically repeating the complaints before it launched of lax management and poor funding. Paper correction: This is why I love reading the leftist Guardian if not for the breathless Ashleigh Banfield reporting, then its corrections like these the next day from it.

"London gains an edge in Olympic chase' (News, last week) said China 'will become the first Asian nation to host a games in 2008', yet Tokyo hosted the games in 1964, Seoul in 1988 and Sapporo and Nagano the winter games in 1972 and 1998 respectively."
EU: France and Belgium(little france)rejecting any reference to God and Christianity in the EU constitution.


Monday, May 24, 2004

Media Bias: I am shocked and awed by this poll, who knew?

At national organizations (which includes print, TV and radio), the numbers break down like this: 34% liberal, 7% conservative. At local outlets: 23% liberal, 12% conservative.
No liberal media here folks. Trade: Mexico losing major marketshare to China.


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Health Care: Socialized Health Care doesn't come cheap as the French Government showed plans to save a system losing €23,000 a minute and hoping it changes consumer behavior like treatment shopping. Ontario Canadian Liberals broke a campaign promise to not raise taxes by making a $9 billion dollar tax grab over 4 years, including a "health premium" worth $300 to $900 canadian to put into the health system. Surprisingly, feedback has not been too kind about it. Trinidad: Big corruption scandal involving millions of dollars in the building of the new national airport. Now, being from Trinidad, I would have been shocked if there was no corruption when it comes to a big project like this. If you ever have to build something of any importance in Trinidad and Tobago, just earmark off the sheet something labeled "Party Money". China: Someone in the chinese press relations has been watching too many wrestling promos, on the eve of the President of Taiwan's inauguration, China claims its ready to stop economic growth, cut US/China ties and say bye to the Olympic Games just to destroy any move of independence by Taiwan. Iraq: Gerhard Schroeder for whatever reason put out a "plan" calling for Muslim countries to send troops to Iraq instead of NATO troops. Schroeder cannot be this goofy to think Iraqis would be happy with this. Arab countries are not exactly cosy with each other to begin with. The Head of the Arab League said the plan was stupid while Iraq is under America control and even after the handover, not a helluva support from the league. United Nations: UN security chief takes up early retirement. Amazing people just taking early retirments from the United Nations all of a sudden.


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

EU/France: EU makes a pretty astounding offer to cut off about 3 Billion euros worth of farm subsidies to try and restart trade talks as long as America and other countries do in kind. France who gets the biggest amount of subsidies from the EU says no. Syria: Militant Islam on the rise in secular Syria. Germany: Germany has to choose between economic growth or meet the requirement of the EU stability pact that all members must follow or pay a penalty. Germany picks economic growth and like France, basically tells the EU to go pound sand. UN/Congo: It seems a lot of "misbehaving" is going on involving the United Nations in Africa is coming to light. Sexual abuse and exploitation of civilians. UN/Ivory Coast: Militant Supporters of President Gbagbo to protest leaked report accusing them of taking part in a crackdown on opposition members. Germany: Go fishing with your net and catch a German Sub. Iraq: Sistani issued a fatwa telling followers not to enter the country illegal. Interesting move coming towards the June 30th handover date. I suspect this and the continuing denouncing of Sadr and his "army" , Sistani and the other clerics want things to calm down before the June 30th date where power is handed back to the Iraqis. Also, the millions of dollars that should be pouring would be a great source of wealth/power that the Shiite majority can hold.


Sunday, May 09, 2004

South Africa: SA men are the laziest men in the world, looks good on a travel brochure. Middle East: From the Toronto Star, or as I call it the Toronto Pravda comes this idiotic editorial. If America leaves Iraq in defeat, the Arab world which has been "humiliated and helpless" all these years by the West and everyone else in world, would feel better about themselves,on the road to try and achieve democracy. I don't know if I should laugh or feel horror that there is someone who actually thinks of nonsense like this as a serious option. Spain: Spanish troops returning home are not happy about how their return was handle or the reasons behind it. Iraqi Abuse Scandal: I have only this to say about it, Its an embrassment and smear on America and its armed forces, I am not naive enough to think there aren't interrogation techniques being used that some would find awful, but these techniques are needed to get information out of people that is useful to fight terrorism and/or insurgents all around the world including Iraq. What happened here is it went way way way over the line. Now, I do have a problem with reading Sob stories like this in USATODAY and various online/print/TV pundits who imply America should just take the fetal position, beg for forgiveness from everyone and their mother around the world. If you get rid of rumsfeld and others, it would also help. All of this and other various suck-up techniques would not work. Here is what should be done, there should be righteous anger about this, find the people responsible and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. Thats it. The other argument is that our moral high ground we have is gone forever, which is another weak line of thinking. It would truly be gone if we did nothing and acted like Sudan. Congo: Yet another failed UN "peacekeeping" mission in the making in Congo. UN also claimed to kill 10 militiamen after a patrol was attacked. UN/Eritrea: UN being accused by the country of Eritrea of serious crimes by UN peacekeeper troops, including an accusation of Irish peacekeepers of using prostitutes young as 15 years old. Finally, turn up those speakers.. Live Action Kenya!


Thursday, May 06, 2004

Germany: Unemployment went up again and Germany's budget may not be balanced till 2010. Islam: In Hamtramck, Michigan , a petition by an Islamic center is causing problems as people do not want the call to prayer to be broadcasted, the Muslims argument is the broadcast of the call is the same as church bells and just the natural tension of old and new immigrants. Maybe, but the call to prayer is beyond just the sounds of church bells and the way it is being "pushed" to acceptance is bound to cause friction. But at the end of the article was something as an immigrant to the America and one side of my family Muslim from Trinidad just irritated me. "Like others in his mosque, Musad said, he was drawn to the Muslim community here not for its engagement with the rest of America, but for its distance. "What attracted me was seeing school girls with veils and burkas," he said. "It's more authentic here than in New York, more roots. There's village life." First of all, I don't care what country you migrant too, assimilation ought to be your first objective, not saying you cancel out who you are but at least have the decency to try and fit in America and ADD to the American cultural landscape, not cut yourself off from it. Disney: The controversy over Disney refusing to distribute lefty wacko Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 911 is getting bigger, which has to make Moore happy, since he will have no problems getting a new distributor and the pub over the film will be happily talked about in the media. Goreyvision: Al Gore getting blasted by Cable owners about his new cable network, the industry is still not over Gore helping bringing in cable regulations. Canada: America is not the only place where gas prices is becoming a political issue. France: Visit by President Bush to commerorate 60th anniversary of D-Day seen as a chance by the French to strengthen ties again.


Monday, May 03, 2004

France: They are leading the way in getting rid of radical Imams, but trying to reassure muslims that they are not being targeted. Europe: The effects of Spain's troop pullout from Iraq and the tape from Bin Laden offering a "deal" seems to be having an effect in Europe, but not the way you would think. John Kerry: Group is saying Kerry released edited versions of his military records. United Nations: If you want to see why the United Nations is without credibility and African countries continue to amaze with their stupidity, Sudan will be given a seat on the UN human rights commission. Germany: Over the weekend, reports said Germany was going to pull a reverse to stop cutting spending and bringing down the deficit. Government officials have said thats nonsense. This on the news of Germany's growth forecast going from a 1.7% to 1.5%, and more loss of jobs. I bring this to remind people that this is economic engine of Europe and its looking ugly for the Eurozone. Iraq: Due to the weakening security, Oil Investors are leaving Iraq for Libya for now. Some good news is a major power plant has finally been opened. This will help in the upcoming summer months when the heat hits in Iraq.


France: They are leading the way in getting rid of radical Imams, but trying to reassure muslims that they are not being targeted. Europe: The effects of Spain's troop pullout from Iraq and the tape from Bin Laden offering a "deal" seems to be having an effect in Europe, but not the way you would think. John Kerry: Group is saying Kerry released edited versions of his military records. United Nations: If you want to see why the United Nations is without credibility and African countries continue to amaze with their stupidity, Sudan will be given a seat on the UN human rights commission.

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