Monday, August 30, 2004

Trinidad: Another case of my home country going to third world status and radical Muslims getting the run of the place because the government refuses to actually govern. Kerry fallout: There is a disturbance in the liberal force, as more lib pundits are starting to back away from Kerry. William Raspberry is the latest. This along with Maureen Dowd calling Kerry "Lame" via Vodkapundit.


France: The two French journalists who have been kidnapped are getting appeals from various Muslim groups in the middle east who considers France a "friend" basically because it opposes America at every turn. But the press reaction in France shows just how stupid the French are in thinking because they opposed America and didn't send troops to Iraq , they should somehow be spared. Le Figaro: Given its position as the leading opponent to the US-led war on Iraq, the paper says, "France could have hoped to be spared this cruel ordeal". Swiss Tribune de Geneve: "In addition and most importantly," it stresses, "France's attitude in the Iraq conflict should give it powerful leverage in Baghdad." Let me clear this up for you clueless morons in France. These are radical Islamic fundamentalists, they don't care about your opposition to the Iraq war. You offended Islam with your headscarf ban, that is enough for them to act. No one is spared because they ran away like cowards(Spain) and you will not be spared because you kiss Middle East ass whenever it is politically necessary for you to do so. Welcome to reality, enjoy your stay.


Friday, August 27, 2004

Sudan: Where there is black people to exploit and America to be blamed, Jesse Jackson will be there! I love how blaming the Sudanese government is a second choice for him. Meanwhile, The Janjaweed is running at least 16 military camps in Darfur still. Germany: Schroeder to his credit says he is not going to back down on cutting back on the welfare state to kickstart the German economy. Watch out for those eggs. France: Article on the French about their continued decline in influence in world affairs and the threats to the ideal of the French Republic. Just a whole lotta whining.

"Overtaken by the democratic vitality and technological advance of the US," writes Baverez, "downgraded industrially and challenged commercially by China and Asia, the decline of France is accelerating at the same rhythm as the vast changes in the world."
Kerry: Cambodia revisted, now a retired admiral who is not with the swiftboat group or anyone says Kerry is lying about the circumstances where he got his first purple heart. So they trot out this friend of Kerry, Robert Lambert who says,
"...not only did both men come under enemy fire, but also that his own boat commander, who has challenged the official account, was too distracted to notice the gunfire. "
This brings up the question, what the hell was so distracting he didn't notice gunfire? Novak interviewed the Admiral.
"Schachte described the use of the skimmer operating very close to shore as a technique that he personally designed to flush enemy forces on the banks of Mekong River so that the larger Swift boats could move in. At about 3 a.m. on Dec. 2, Schachte said, the skimmer -- code-named "Batman" -- fired a hand-held flare. He said that after Kerry's M-16 rifle jammed, the new officer picked up the M-79 and "I heard a 'thunk.' There was no fire from the enemy," he said. "
I guess at the same time he fired a flare, gunfire erupted. Tories: Sun is reporting that Tory leader Michael Howard has been banned from the White House and will never meet President Bush after his actions calling for Tony Blair to resign earlier this year. I doubt the events happened that dramatically as the Sun is reporting, but considering the bitchslapping Blair gave him after the Butler report gave him, he deserves that and more. The Tories under Howard are so desperate to regain power they have becomed political opportunists than a principled political party. I may not like the Liberal Democrats and their goofy stances like allowing 16 year olds to appear in porn films. But they do not do a 180 change in their stances if it seems it might work for them.


Thursday, August 26, 2004

Kerry: This part of John Kerry's 1971 testimony is making the rounds and does shed some light on some of the spot reports.

"Accuracy of Information Through Official Military Channels" Senator Symington: Mr. Kerry, from your experience in Vietnam do you think it is possible for the President or Congress to get accurate and undistorted information through official military channels? Mr. Kerry: I don't know- Senator Symington: I am beginning to think you have some supporters here. Mr. Kerry: I don't know where they came from, sir, maybe Vietnam. I had direct experience with that. Senator, I had direct experience with that and I can recall often sending in the spot reports which we made after each mission, and including the GDA, gunfire damage assessments, in which we would say, maybe 15 sampans sunk or whatever it was. And I often read about my own missions in the Stars and Stripes and the very mission we had been on had been doubled in figures and tripled in figures.
Now someone has to figure how much of that exaggeration came from him.


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

NYTimes: This is like a broken record, but the NYTimes continues to astonish in the inept ways it reports the news. Ben Ginsberg resigns and the letter he sent in is reported by the Times this way.

"I cannot begin to express my sadness that my legal representations have become a distraction from the critical issues at hand in this election," Mr. Ginsberg said in a letter distributed today by the Bush-Cheney campaign. "I feel I cannot let that continue, so I have decided to resign as National Counsel to your campaign to ensure that the giving of legal advice to decorated military veterans, which was entirely within the boundaries of the law, doesn't distract from the real issues upon which you and the country should be focusing."
What do they leave out? The opening line. ABCnews:
GINSBURG RESIGNS: In a letter to President Bush, Ben Ginsburg formally announces his resignation. MORE "Unfortunately, this campaign has seen a stunning double standard emerge between the media's focus on the activities of 527s aligned with John Kerry and those opposed to him.
The connections between Kerry campaign and his 527s are much worse than just generic ties between the swiftboat vets and people in Republican political circles, leaving out the obvious point that who else would support a anti-Kerry group, George Soros? The other obvious point is that what Ginsberg was doing is not illegal.
Joe Sandler, a lawyer for the DNC and a group running anti-Bush ads,, said there is nothing wrong with serving in both roles at once.
It would be so much easier if the press dropped the "we are objective" mask and just be open about being liberal and helping Kerry anyway they can so he can be elected.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Old Media whine: Article from Editor and Publisher.

"What I've heard from colleagues is that people feel it probably has had too long a life," said Frank James, a Chicago Tribune reporter. "We wish someone would put a stake in this vampire."
Translation:" We are trying to elect Kerry, this is getting in the way! It has to stop now!" If this was a Republican challenger, the media in this country would not stop till after election day.


Kerry: FEC chairman Bradley Smith is not giving the Kerry campaign any love over the swiftboat ads.

``For the Kerry group to be complaining'' when Democratic donor-funded groups have raised much more ``seems a little bit absurd,'' said Smith, who was appointed by former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat.


Education: The continuing efforts to pussify American children continues, now to protect the self esteem of the kiddies, Red marks are out and purple marks are in! Kerry/Swiftboats: Yes, I know the Media are the whores of John Kerry willing to do whatever to make sure their boy makes to the White House. But, this piece in Editor and Publisher is hysterical with a money quotes from Alison Mitchell, deputy national editor NY Times and Chicago Tribune's managing editor Jack Shea. Just two of the most astouding quotes from old media.

Alison Mitchell, deputy national editor for The New York Times (Click for QuikCap), points to the changing media landscape and its impact on what newspapers choose to cover. "I'm not sure that in an era of no-cable television we would even have looked into it," she said.
"There are too many places for people to get information," O'Shea said. "I don't think newspapers can be the gatekeepers anymore -- to say this is wrong and we will ignore it. Now we have to say this is wrong, and here is why."
How dare you people actually hunt for information on your own, the newspapers are your protectors from this story! The whole piece is John Kerry is right and everyone else wrong, even though the evidence doesn't even come close to proving that. But it does show the groupthink, its moved from "Okay, we can't bury this" to " Let discredit them as much as possible!" I haven't seen major papers and the 2nd tier papers reference each other as much as I have seen this week to try and kill off this story. Editor and Publisher also showed their bias in covering their story, but that is too be expected from a site that covers old media. You have to protect your boys...right? I won't even get into how all this self examination did not go on about the Bush AWOL story.


Sunday, August 22, 2004

Rassman part II : Kerry saving Rassman has gotten better and better with every "witness" they find. A recap first. Rassman 01/17/04: On March 13, 1969, Rassmann, a Green Beret, was traveling down the Bay Hap river in a boat behind Kerry’s when both were ambushed by exploding land mines and enemy fire coming from the shore. Kerry was hit in the arm, while a mine blew Rassmann’s boat out of the water. With enemy fire coming from both sides of the river and swift boats evacuating from the area, Kerry’s crew chose to turn their boat toward the ambush to save Rassmann. “We were still under fire, and he was wounded at the time…,” recalled Rassmann. And with his boat’s gunners providing suppressing fire, Kerry extended his wounded arm into the water and the two lieutenants locked arms. Rassman 07/29/04: Rassmann gave a detailed retelling to the Oregon delegates. The former Green Beret remembered sitting on the deck of the pilothouse of Kerry's boat, eating a chocolate chip cookie, when an explosion under a nearby boat blew him into the Bay Hap River and caused Kerry to smash his arm. Rassmann said he swam to the bottom of the river to avoid being run over by the escaping Swift boats. But every time he came up for air, the enemy shot at him. He swam for the north bank, expecting to be captured and probably executed. After five or six dives, Rassmann said, he looked up and saw Kerry's boat coming back for him. He met the boat at the center of the river and then grabbed a rope "scramble net" hanging over the bow. He climbed the arch of the bow but could not pull himself over the lip. That's when Kerry came running. "He dropped to his hands and knees, and he reached over, and he pulled me aboard," Rassmann told the group. "The fighting continued until we got out of the kill zone, and we managed to get out to the Gulf of Siam." Rassman 08/21/04: Kerry also picked up support from Wayne Langhofer, who told the Washington Post he was manning a machine-gun in a boat behind Kerry's and saw firing from both banks of a river as Kerry dived in to rescue Special Forces soldier James Rassmann, the basis for Kerry's Bronze Star.


Saturday, August 21, 2004

Where was Rassman?: Via the BeldarBlog, he points out a couple of different versions of the Rassman overboard story that is getting a lot of play. Of course I am still trying to figure out the version on Kerry's own site. This is different from all the rest.

On March 13, 1969, Rassmann, a Green Beret, was traveling down the Bay Hap river in a boat behind Kerry’s when both were ambushed by exploding land mines and enemy fire coming from the shore.
The mainstream press in a tizzy to protect Kerry are going in to destroy the swiftvets either by mudding the waters to cause confusion like this Post article or take what is positive towards Kerry and push it as the truth which is how Galloway from Knight Ridder has done here. Now with William Rood, Vietnam vet, but more importantly, a newpaper editor from Chicago Tribune being asked by John Kerry to defend him, the press will treat his words like Moses when he got the ten commandents. Sudan: Sudanese officials arrested several people they claim made fake rape videos which were used as a political tool by the rebels. US is looking to get Darfur's natural resources is thrown in for good measure. UK: In the ever present world of being PC and looking to be diverse no matter what, the UK police force made "positive discrimination"(quotas) a policy to get more black cops in the force. The evitable backlash has occured by white cops who feel they are being passed up for promotions. It seems whatever policy they have in place is so ridiculous, the National Black Police Association has to warn them.

Yesterday Ray Powell, the president of the National Black Police Association, warned that moves to end the culture of casual prejudice were backfiring.

Attacking 'a ridiculous' pressure to hit strict targets for recruiting black officers, Powell told The Observer there was a risk of undeserving candidates being hired to boost the force's record on race.

...It has a target for 25 per cent of the force to come from the ethnic minorities by 2009, so that it reflects London's population as a whole. However, Powell said with current progress that would require up to 80 per cent of new recruits to be black and Asian, 'which is ridiculous'.

I am not against a sensible and logical plan to encourage minority recruiting when necessary in situations that can benefit the community. But "positive discrimination" is such a stupid concept that backlashes which is happening in this situation is almost a given.


Kerry/Swiftboatvets: If you could think of a way to totally screw up responding to the Swiftboat charges that actually makes the issue bigger and more people curious, the Kerry campaign still came up with a better way with this, or this and this. The Swiftboat vets already have released a second ad which focuses on Kerry's testimony to the Senate committee where backstabbed Vietnam Vets by labeling them war criminals. Kerry campaign seem to think that with the New York Times came to their rescue, this can be over by Monday. They are wrong and acting like spoiled children about it, just makes matters worse. Sudan: Most U.N. security council members don't want to put strong immediate sanctions on Sudan if it doesn't stop the violence by the end of the month. Oh well, I hope the next resolution will be even more in their faces to show the U.N. really means it this time.


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Africa: Counter Terrorist actions going ons in the Horn of Africa region, rarely talked about but still very important. McGreevey: More pressure being put on him to resign now. He is gone by Friday afternoon. OP: Polly Toynbee of the left falling Guardian complains that its wrong she cannot criticise Islamic teachings without being called a racist. It's an interesting conundrum for liberals like her, they push this "victim" stance on Muslims, then find out they can't go after the things that they could with a Christian or as she proclaims, "...The dread power of southern Baptists. "


Lazy: UK jobcenter banned an ad because the employer asked for a "hard working" employee. I agree with the ban, you are discriminating against the lazy people who need work but just don't want too. Think of the children!


Monday, August 16, 2004

Troops: President Bush came out with plans to move 100,000 troops from Europe and Asia back home or to other hot spots in the world. Now Germany and South Korea are worried about this move and what it will do to their economies. Sudan: UN workers saying the Janjaweed are still active with no progress being made and the Sudan Army is not happy that the African troops sent to protect the aid workers may get "broader" mission goals. Muslims: I don't know what annoys me more about this story. The fact Muslim leaders think other Muslims need everything spelled out for them like a child, on how to act in case of a terror attack in Britain or the leaders are making excuses for the idiots who might get caught up in carrying out terror acts.


McGreevey fallout: "...You don't have to go home, but you need to get the hell out." NJ demos bosses are going to apply even more pressure. It's safe to say this has backfired badly on McGreevey.


UN: The UN security council has condemned the killing of refugees at their Burundi refugee camp. What is the next step?

"The Security Council requests the special representative of the Secretary General for Burundi, in close contact with the Special Representative of the Secretary General for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to establish the facts and report on them to the council as quickly as possible," the UN statement said. "The council calls upon the authorities of Burundi and of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to cooperate actively so that the perpetrators and those responsible for these crimes be brought to justice without delay. "
Well, that's taking a firm stand on it. McGreevey fallout: That didn't take long. Now the NJ demo bosses want him gone before his announced November 15th departure because of fears that there is even worse details to be reported. Kerry: Didn't you know windsurfing and kitesurfing are the everyday sports?

"...But the exotic nature of some of the sports he plays (say, kite-surfing in Nantucket) and the great lengths he goes in order to play them (say, flying from Idaho to Oregon to windsurf), can have the unintended effect of making him seem out of touch with the hard-pressed middle class whose cares he says have been his concern. As his plane was flying from Oregon to Idaho on Saturday, Kerry defended his taste in sports, saying, "The guys who do it are all local guys -- plumbers, construction workers." Asked if these regular folks fly from one state to another, the husband of the condiment heiress downplayed the cost, saying, "What? 250 bucks for a ticket?

Luckily for Kerry, the moment was not on camera. But it was the kind of moment -- if captured on camera -- that could undo months of work. (Think of George H.W. Bush looking perplexed at a super-market scanner in 1992). "

Kerry/Cambodia: It seems that the mainstream media blackout is lifting on this story, though the KC star helps out in saying that it first needs its marching orders to actually publish a story.

KC Star: True, The Star hadn't published either of these news items as of Friday. By Friday afternoon however, the paper corrected itself and assigned a reporter to write the story. It ran Saturday.

Why the delay? The answer has to do with credibility. The Star had been waiting for credible sources to move stories over the news wire, which is how most of the news about national politics gets in the paper. When these sources were slow to act, editors felt they had to.

Star editors point out that last week they asked national news wires to provide stories about statements from Kerry and the swift boat veterans. “We are sensitive to the need to address this,” said Darryl Levings, national editor at The Star. "...The Star subscribes to several news wire services — the aforementioned credible sources — including Knight Ridder (The Star's parent company), The Associated Press, and the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and The Washington Post wire services."

Sadly, the KC star is just one of many papers that follow this pattern, considering(minus Knight ridder) the fab four are being bodyguards for Kerry in their coverage trying to block out anything bad. You have to give main credit to the Internet/foreign papers and the blogsphere for persisting in this story.


Sunday, August 15, 2004

UN: If you need another reason why the United Nations is an ineffective and dangerous organization, this proves it beyond any doubt. 180 refugees were killed by Hutu rebels, the UN got warnings before the attack it would happen and did nothing to protect the camp. But, since this is the UN, I don't expect anyone to be held accountable.


Friday, August 13, 2004

McGreevey: I am irritated by the praise McGreevey is getting for coming out and how it is a courageous thing to do. Bulls**t. He is coming out to paint himself as some sort of victim while under the surface there is least a half dozen scandals just waiting to blow up. He used his homosexuality as political cover, anyone praising his courage is either blind or lying. Its just the last big lie in what seems to be a corrupt career. Michael Goodwin of the NY Dailynews nails it.

"McGreevey, in fact, could have survived a mere admission of adulterous homosexuality, as long as his wife stands by her man. He would even be applauded and admired for his honesty in many quarters. It's the corruption that brought him down. And it's a pattern of corruption that has been revealed in an extraordinary number of ways during the Democrat's 2-1/2 years in office. He has presided over one of the dirtiest administrations in modern times. And that's no easy feat in New Jersey! "


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Kerry: If a Democrat runs a 527's ad, you don't hear a peep. If a Republican runs the ad, it makes the front page of the Washington Post with extensive background info. Sadr: The Guardian as usual, runs a sympathetic piece on Sadr's Army as idealistic Iraqis fighting the "evil" American occupation. I guess calling them misguided fools would not be the sensitive way to go.

Kerry: New York Times whining that Bush caught John Kerry in a waffling position on Iraq and now complaing that Bush is "drowning" out Kerry's nuanced position.


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Sudan: New attacks by Sudan in south Darfur. France: " We think we suck... help us"


Kerry: Simon Tisdall of the left falling Guardian says don't forget that Kerry is not exactly the dream candidate.

"The lack of an appreciable post-convention "bounce" in John Kerry's poll ratings is significant. The Democratic party's Boston shindig last month was supposed to present him as a strong, experienced replacement for President George Bush.

But Boston's main achievement may have been to highlight the limitations and flaws of Kerry's candidacy.

The eviction of a White House incumbent is always an uphill struggle. It requires something special. Bill Clinton possessed that indefinable quality in 1992. If Kerry lacks Bubba's bounce, it may simply be because he is not, well, very bouncy. "

Iran/EU: From the "what the hell did you expect department" Iran is now demanding that Europe backs them in the right to have nuke technology that can be used to make weapons. The diplomats were supposedly stunned by these demands. This makes the American case stronger for sanctions while making the EU look like dopes.


Monday, August 09, 2004

Sudan: Arab League contributing to the cause by asking for more time to be given to the Sudanese government. Amazing that they spring to action only after international pressure started to ramp up. Estonia: If you need proof on how low taxes and deregulation can help a country thrive, look at Estonia and "Booze-Cruising Finns"


Friday, August 06, 2004

Sadr "uprising": Why would Sadr get more aggressive in recent days? Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani is now in the UK getting treatment for a heart condition that seems to have happened a few days. If you're an aspiring young Grand Ayatollah in training and you get news of Sistani taken ill. That would sound like a perfect time to start some trouble.


Wingman Duty: Washington Post doing a tremendous job here by working in McCain, downplaying the ad, and citing that a Republican(shock!) is helping to sponsor it. This is not a surprise, as I said earlier come hell or high water, the media will not allow bad things to happen to Kerry.


Thursday, August 05, 2004

Kerry/Cosby: Speaking at the liberal Unity: Journalists of Color conference, Kerry admonishes Bill Cosby for his recent comments about black Americans.

"I understand exactly where Bill is coming from in his comment," Kerry said, measuring his words carefully as he spoke to a convention for minority journalists in Washington. "It may be excessively exclusive in the breadth of it, in the sense that it sort of targets just the responsibility side, but that's an important side."
So what is the solution, let the Kumbaya fest begin
"Kerry said government and society are to blame, too, for not providing adequate assistance and protections to minorities. "We also need to do the things we need to do as a society to empower those people, have plans for those kids, to make the world safer," Kerry said. "It's all of us together."
Simplistic hogwash that the idiot journalists at this conference lap up with gusto, the opportunities have been there, the assistance has been there, Cosby finally broke thru and told the truth, that it's black America that is refusing to acknowledge the problems are mostly self-inflicted. Kerry being suck up that he is decides to pour on the white liberal guilt trip. Don't forget, us poor minorities need government help. Thanks Mister Kerry.


Kerry: You knew as soon as the ad from the Swift boat vets came out, the media would do the correct thing, find out who is funding the ad! What? you actually think they would send out investigative reporters to see if the claims were true or not? The media is going to be the wingman for Kerry/Edwards all thru election day, they are doing what is known as reverse "C*** Blocking." They already trotted out John McCain so he can yet again relive the 2000 primaries. DNC/Ads: DNC is sending letters to tv stations trying to keep Club for Growth ads off the air. Instapundit:" Somehow, I think this would be getting more attention if Republicans were doing it. " Of course it would.


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Germany: In yet another confirmation that socialism is out of control in Germany, I find out that having a Gameboy is a God-given right.

As part of its controversial attempt to reform Germany's welfare state, the chancellor's red-green coalition intends to overhaul welfare for the unemployed from next year.

Yesterday government officials confirmed that the amount of benefit paid to the children of unemployed parents, now €207 a month, would be slashed if the children had more than €750 in savings accounts. The plan, affecting all under-14s, has provoked bitter opposition from unions as well as from leftwing critics inside Mr Schröder's ruling Social Democrat party.

Yesterday Germany's biggest selling tabloid, Bild, photographed the children of five unemployed parents, forlornly clutching their plastic piggybanks, or Sparschweine . Under the headline You're not getting my savings' book, the children pointed out they had other priorities - like mountain bikes and GameBoys.

But this is the good part.
In the past companies have abused benefits by persuading older employees to take early retirement and register themselves as jobless. Irwin Collier, an economics professor at Berlin's Free University, acknowledged to the Guardian that many unemployed were "relatively well off", especially those whose partners had jobs.
Come on, lets hear for Socialism. A Gameboy in every house! I would feel bad for Schröder if he wasn't such a putz. This welfare for children is only teaching them that no matter what the Government is your mommy. No wonder their economy is stagnant, the citizens have become shameless beggars.


Diversity: Duncan Black(Atrios) is upset in that P.C. liberal can't we all just get along we are the world sensitive manner that the left gets over this shirt worn by Glenn Reynolds(Instapundit). Duncan's complaint is this.

"The caption is "celebrate diversity." The colors of the caption are commonly used pan-African colors: red, yellow, and green. While, for many, the "joke" (though, I'm not sure why it's funny) is that here diversity is a diversity of guns. Ha ha. But, look, the clear message here is that the way to celebrate diversity, particularly that pan-African diversity, is to buy a bunch of f***ing guns. In other words, celebrate diversity by arming yourself."

Now as a Black Muslim Christian Jamaican/Trini(Indian) mix, I'm more than qualified to speak on "Pan-African diversity" being made a joke. I emailed the site in question to admonish them for not having the different color caption and nothing on the back of the black shirt as they do on the white version. This is clear discrimination on their part as everyone knows black t-shirts looks much better than a plain old white t-shirt. I ordered the black version of the t-shirt under protest.

If you want more detailed and factual information on "Pan-African diversity" than you will get from the likes of Atrios, Black people love us is a better bet.

More on this idiocy here and Justoneminute.


Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Gibraltar: Spain whining that Great Britain has not shown a "clear lack of sensitivity" in participating in the 300th anniversary of kicking out the Spanish population from the rock. Spain's conservatives and right leaning press haven't missed out on gloating about this obvious slap in the face to the socialist party. Nothing says manly opposition that crying that someone is not showing a "clear lack of sensitivity." If they weren't such girlie-men, someone should have come out saying this is unacceptable, an outrage, doesn't help relations, anything but some PC fluffy wussy talk about "sensitivity." I also hear this is the same way they plan to deal with Al Qaida as well. Canada: NY Times reporting on what has been a big story in Canada ever since this was passed last year, the use of Shariah (Islamic legal Code) to settle disputes on certain matters between Muslims. The Toronto Star has more on this story in better detail here and here. Since Ontario passed a law giving religious authorities power to judge some civil matters as long as its voluntary and free to appeal in regular court. But the imams who pushed Sharia want even more.

Under the law, Jews and Christians have settled a relatively narrow number of issues without going through the courts. Rabbis have granted religious divorces, decided on matters relating to kosher dietary laws and arbitrated business disputes. Catholic couples have gone to priests to annul marriages, while churches of various dominations have settled disputes related to inappropriate behavior of ministers and monetary disagreements within and between parishes.

But the Islamic Institute wants imams and other arbitrators to decide a broader range of issues. For Syed Mumtaz Ali, 77, an India-born Islamic lawyer and scholar who is the driving intellectual force behind the institute, a Muslim cannot be a Muslim without following Shariah.

"Basically, Muslims live a different kind of life from the Western life, which is secular," he noted in an interview. "Everything we do is governed by religious law." For Mr. Ali, it is perfectly acceptable that a son receive twice the inheritance of a daughter and that a man have the automatic right to divorce while a woman does not.

This is stupid, only one set of laws for everyone, this is introducing a legal system that is not compatible with western civilization. It also will hurt Muslims women rights as peer pressure to use Shariah will be enormous. If Mr. Ali doesn't care for western law, move. Education: Home Schooling is on the rise with 1.1 million estimated. Media: If there was any doubt about liberal media bias and how it has changed in the last couple of years from that, one of the workshop was for Democratic campaign press Secretaries with this lesson. Via Instapundit.
"Lecturers urged press secretaries to confront what one warned was "media that are no longer tilted in your direction." Bullying was openly encouraged. "When it comes to the media," suggested Democratic strategist James Carville, "intimidation works." "Challenge them," added David Brock of Media Matters, a new liberal group set up to criticize conservative media outlets."


Sudan: Sudan says no to the new 30 day deadline to disarm the Janjaweed militia and want it to be the original 90 days agreed upon with Kofi Annan last month. Various Sudanese officials said the charges of genocide and the deadline is being used as a run-up to an invasion led by America. Now in the real world, Food drops by air started on Sunday, that should provide some relief in the Darfur region. TV: Dave Chappelle signed a new deal with Comedy Central worth 26 episodes, DVD sales for $50 million dollars. Crime: Driver gets beat up for driving 18 mph in a 18 mph zone by a trucker in Germany and a survey has come out saying Germans don't know how to relax. Make your own judgement if they are related. John Kerry: Robert Musil has a roundup of the different polls that have come out since the convention that show Kerry did not get a noticeable if any bounce coming out of the convention. The Gallup poll has Bush gaining points when polling likely voters. While poll watching is fun, you can get the sense of what is going on for each candidate based on how they act in public. if Kerry's internal polling data doesn't show anything working, he will get more shrill at this campaign stops, same for Bush. But, to not get even a blip out of the convention has to be worrying Kerry. It is just natural to get it. But Bill Schneider suggested something else came out of the convention based on the Gallup poll on CNN's Late Edition.

BLITZER: So what do these numbers say about the so-called bounce out of this Democratic Convention? SCHNEIDER: No bounce, and that's striking. They show there might have been a very brief bounce -- I wouldn't call it a bounce, I'd call it a blip. Among people interviewed on Friday, the day after the convention, Kerry was ahead by five points. But then we continued to interview on Saturday. Those interviewed on Saturday -- Bush moved back into a slight lead of two points. And we are going to continue to interview people. But this looks like the shortest bounce on record. BLITZER: And is that because the country basically had already made up their mind? There wasn't a whole lot of room for undecideds? That's what the Democrats keep saying. SCHNEIDER: And it looks like the Democrats had a point. What we're showing is that before the convention, the Democrats were hugely enthusiastic about voting. Over three-quarters of them said they were more enthusiastic than usual. After this convention, the number of Democrats who said they were enthusiastic went up only slightly. They were already rallied. They already had their bounce. But what really changed is that the Republicans, the Bush voters went way up in enthusiasm. They gained eight points. So it looks like, yes, the convention rallied voters but it rallied Republicans more than Democrats. The only good news here for Democrats is Democrats are still more enthusiastic about voting than Republicans are.


Sunday, August 01, 2004

EU/Iran: No progress made during talks last week on having Iran stop their nuke work. Rwanda/France: Rwandan Government setting up an indepedent inquiry to see if France had any role in mass killings that took place 10 years ago. EU labor: Bloomberg article on the gradual movement in Europe to work more hours for a little more or no raise in pay.

``It's the beginning of a sea-change'' in the way the German economy functions, said Josef Trettenbach, vice president for finance at Amberg, Germany-based Grammer. ``People realize that it's more important to have jobs than to have more leisure time.''
Canada: To protest continuing labor problems with their wages, during Labor Day weekend Canadian border guards won't collect taxes on goods coming from America. IRS workers, are you listening? West Bank: More signs that Arafat hold on power is slipping away as protests and kidnappings are taking place in the West Bank.


Sudan: Sudan reverses itself and accepts the UN resolution written by the U.S. The Arab League still expresses opposition to any threats of sanctions against Sudan. EU: France got embrassed by the rest of the EU members, when in a show of hands if anyone had a problem with a revised WTO package for trade meetings, only the French rep raised his hand. New Zealand: If you are going to legalize prostitution, better have a sex guide put out with some good advice.

Sex workers are cautioned to watch out for occupational overuse syndrome, often caused by rapid repetitive tasks or forceful movements, and to carry a small torch in case they need to check clients for sexually transmitted diseases.
I hope "torch" is slang for flashlight and not cigarette lighter. Tech: Great story on the rise of "guerrilla drive-ins".

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