Friday, January 28, 2005

Canada: Study shows Canada falling behind in prosperity. But there is positive news.

On the bright side, Canada is solidly in the Number 2 spot, with the Netherlands in third place with $35,500. Even more encouraging, the report shows income is distributed more evenly in Canada, with the bottom 60 per cent of households having higher average incomes than their American counterparts. A 6.4 per cent gap does open in the second highest quintile, with average Canadian household income in that group at $75,300, compared with $80,100 in the U.S. But the prosperity gap balloons to 24 per cent among Canada's top 20 per cent of households. Their income averages $137,800, compared with $171,000 in the United States.

So while most people will never move up the income ladder, at least you will have more company.

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