Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Crime: MURDAAAAAHHH Inc. gets busted. The Gotti brothers arrested by the FBI, but Ja Rule gets away. Damn it.

Label head Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo and his brother Christopher surrendered to the FBI on money-laundering charges Wednesday as federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment seeking to confiscate Irv Gotti's real estate and business holdings. Gotti's childhood friend, Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, one of New York's most notorious drug kingpins, was charged with murder, racketeering and other crimes that prosecutors said were intended to eliminate and intimidate potential witnesses. McGriff already is in prison on a relatively minor gun charge. Prosecutors said McGriff and the Gottis funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in McGriff's drug profits through The Inc., a chart-topping label owned partly by Def Jam, a subsidiary of Universal Music.
The indictment charges McGriff and his associates with running a drug operation stretching from New York through Baltimore into North Carolina. McGriff and his partners delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug proceeds to the Manhattan offices of Murder Inc., according to the indictment. In exchange, Irv Gotti paid McGriff's travel and hotel expenses and cut him checks from Gotti's personal and business accounts, prosecutors charge. The indictment charges McGriff and several associates with the murder of potential government cooperators Dwayne Thomas and Karon "Buddha" Clarrett outside a Baltimore-area stash house in August 2001. They also are charged with the slaying of up-and-coming rapper E-Money Bags that summer.

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