Tuesday, January 25, 2005

D.O.M.A: Last week, when disussing this Washington Post article by Instapundit and Andrew Sullivan where President Bush said it makes no sense to push the amendment now since the Senate would not pass it. Instapundit said Bush was not that interested in it, Sullivan hailed it as the Senate practising moderation on the issue. I saw it as Bush waiting for the right time for someone to challenge it. He almost got his chance.

SFGate: Three gay couples Tuesday dropped their lawsuits challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act, saying they do not want to risk having a conservative U.S. Supreme Court set precedent by rejecting their case. The lawsuits were brought by gay couples who were wedded in Massachusetts and Canada and wanted Florida to recognize their marriages. Florida law recognizes only marriages between a man and a woman, and the Defense of Marriage Act allows states to disregard gay marriages performed in other states and foreign countries. Their attorney Ellis Rubin said key to their decision was the Supreme Court's recent refusal to hear a challenge to a Florida law that bars gays from adopting children. "That ruling strongly suggests that our case would not be favorably received," Rubin said.

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