Sunday, January 30, 2005

Hollywood: Variety with a goofy article on "Neo-Cons" being pleased about no Oscar nomination as William Triplett makes out Hollywood as some sort of victim.

"....A nomination for either Moore or the pic would have only confirmed their suspicions -- not to mention made it that much harder for Hollywood lobbyists to find sympathetic ears among Congressional Republicans. "It would've been a huge problem if it had been nominated," says Rep. Mark Foley, a Florida Republican and member of the Ways & Means Committee, as well as head of the House GOP Entertainment Caucus. Whether the pic's having been shut out from noms will improve Hollywood's image with the GOP remains to be seen. "I think it has helped mend some of the frayed edges of our relationship, at least tangentially among Republicans who perceive a (liberal) bias in Hollywood," says Foley. "The 'Fahrenheit' decision won't make things better," says one major industry lobbyist, "but it would have gotten worse had it gone the other way."

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