Monday, January 31, 2005

Immigration: I'm for deporting illegal aliens, and strict immigration control for America. Malaysia method of immigration control, turning it into a countrywide "Running Man" type competition is a bit much.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (Reuters) - Thousands of Asian immigrants rushed to catch ferries and planes out of Malaysia Monday on the eve of a campaign to round up and deport illegal workers, the biggest such crackdown in three years. Long lines of people, most of them Indonesians, filed through ports and airports around the country. Many were weighed down with ruck-sacks while women cradled infants and men carried TV sets and portable stereos. They were taking advantage of the final day of a three-month amnesty that gives illegal immigrants a chance to leave the country without punishment. Estimates of the illegal immigrant population range to as many as about 1.2 million. Those caught from Tuesday, when about 500,000 immigration and police officers and volunteers start a hunt for illegal migrants, can be jailed for five years or fined before being deported. Men younger than 50 can be whipped.

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