Thursday, January 27, 2005

Media: Funny letter to the editor of the Madison Capital Times from a Chris Roethlisberger complaining about Fox News in a local Mcdonalds.

A letter to the editor January 27, 2005 Dear Editor: Last weekend my daughter had a friend over to play, and they asked to go to the local McDonald's for dinner. At the time, I had been watching the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs, and I really didn't want to miss the end of the game. Then I remembered that McDonald's had a couple televisions in the restaurant. Problem solved, right? Wrong! Posted on each of the TVs was a sign warning customers not to change the channel. When I went up to the counter to inquire about this, the manager stated, "We're only allowed to have Fox News on." Am I just becoming paranoid or does this sound a bit like Nazi Germany to you? Granted, that is quite a radical comparison, and I know I may have offended some folks, but that is how I honestly felt! I would really appreciate it if one of the executives from McDonald's would explain to me why they feel it necessary to censor what news we listen to while eating our Big Macs, and most importantly why they have chosen that particular news station. Unfortunately, I think I already know the answer. Next time, I'll just stay home and eat my own lousy cooking. Then at least I can change the channel.
You are not paranoid Chris, it's all part of the VRWC. Those televisions are sending out hypnowaves to change you slowly.

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