Thursday, January 27, 2005

Media: Hot 97 fallout over Tsunami song continues.

"Despite the indefinite suspension of the WQHT (Hot 97) New York morning team, the controversy surrounding the airing of a tasteless tsunami parody song keeps on spinning. "The people responsible need to be taken off the air permanently," said City Councilman John Liu (D-Queens) in the New York Daily News. "And the company should face financial sanctions, so no one can profit from this kind of ugliness." Liu and other critics plan a news conference and rally at 11 a.m. Friday at Hot 97's Manhattan studios. Emmis Radio president Rick Cummings wasn't exactly standing by the morning team, calling their move "morally and socially indefensible. All involved, myself included, are ashamed and deeply sorry." Meanwhile, rival host Star of Star and Buc Wild at crosstown WPPR (Power 105), offered a cryptic response: "You can do a lot of things to get attention. But when that station starts to fall out, the Hater will rise like never before."
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