Friday, January 28, 2005

Media: Imus doesn't think too much of MSNBC and their new plans for him.

DON Imus bit the hand that will house him yesterday while talking about his radio show's move to MSNBC's Secaucus studio complex a week from Monday. And Imus warned he won't compromise radio for TV. "They think the ratings are going to be better because we're there, but from essentially the same set that Keith Olbermann and those other people do their programs from," Imus told listeners yesterday. "Well, it hasn't helped their ratings," he said, referring to the fact that MSNBC is the perennial cellar-dweller among the three cable news channels.
"The I-man" warned MSNBC chief Rick Kaplan ("He's very smart [but] I don't know if he can save this turkey or not") that he won't compromise radio for TV — especially by accepting even more personalities from NBC News than he has now. "Based on the ideas they've already had that are evident in their programming, they haven't demonstrated to me that they have any real good ideas," Imus said, "because they have some programming that's horrible. "So I trust my instincts . . . more than I do theirs."

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