Thursday, January 27, 2005

People: This could be the dumbest ass in the world.

Erasure star Andy Bell has shockingly admitted he wanted to be diagnosed with HIV. The openly homosexual singer revealed he was HIV positive in December - six years after he was diagnosed with the fatal disease - and admits he believed catching the illness was a re-affirmation of his homosexuality. He said: "You are going to think this strange, but I wanted to be HIV positive. I thought HIV was a touchstone of being gay." The 'Breathe' singer also says he doesn't think about dying, because he believes he can fight the disease for many years with the help of medicine. He added: "I'm a fighter. They will have to take me from this world kicking and screaming. My life expectancy should be the same as anyone else, so there is no need to panic."
What a disgusting pile of garbage, people getting sick and dying around the world and he thinks it's some sort of initiation to be HIV positive. Absolute slap to the face against HIV positive people who never "asked" for it, having to deal with this every day and debasing homosexuals at the same time.

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