Thursday, January 27, 2005

People: This is not right, clever, underhanded, sneaky, but not right.

"TAMPA -- Beth Rice stood in front of 50 guests last summer in a Las Vegas wedding chapel, went through a traditional Jewish ceremony with her boyfriend Stanley Blacker and then headed off on their honeymoon. They now live in the same house and Rice's children refer to Blacker as their stepfather. But when Rice's ex-husband sought to end his $5,000 a month alimony payments because she had remarried, Rice argued that what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas _ that she and Blacker never took out a license, so, technically, they aren't married. The fight landed before Hillsborough Circuit Court Judge Robert Foster on Wednesday, who ruled that Michael Rice has to continue paying the alimony from his 2001 divorce. Michael Rice has vowed to appeal. ``This is a deception. What you have before you is deception,'' Michael Rice's attorney, Nancy Harris, told the judge. ``It is a dangerous loophole that could be created by Ms. Rice.'' Beth Rice said Wednesday she had intended to get married in every sense of the word during the June trip to Las Vegas. But knowing her upcoming marriage would end the alimony payments, she sought higher monthly child support payments. When her ex-husband opposed that motion, Beth Rice said she decided not to officially get married to Blacker. "
and people around me keep asking me why I haven't married yet. pfft.

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