Saturday, January 29, 2005

Politics: Michael Moore calls the Democrats wimps, losers, lazy and cowards in an online chat.

David Haddrell : Do you think there is a chance Jeb Bush will stand for presidency in 2008 and if so will you join me in hibernating deep in the Swiss Alps? Michael Moore laughs! Michael Moore : Why go to Switzerland when freezing your ass off in Canada is so close?! I think he will, yes. The Democrats are going to have a very hard time winning the next election - the Republicans have a number of star players and the Democrats have a lot of wimps and losers. stuart c.: why did so many democrats vote to confirm condoleeza rice? why was this such a slam dunk for her? Michael Moore : It was a disgusting sight and indicative of who the Democrats are - they are lazy and they're cowards and I'm just hoping that the more they continue to act like that the more it will encourage Americans to run against them and put the US back in the hands of the working class, where it belongs.

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