Thursday, January 27, 2005

Politics: Navigatorgate continues with Kwame Kilpatrick, mayor of the failed city, Detroit.

Detroit Free Press: "The Navigator has been the center of controversy in the Kilpatrick administration over the past two weeks. City officials had denied the vehicle was for the mayor's wife and insisted it was for undercover operations. After dodging questions, Kilpatrick said Saturday that the $24,995 lease was meant for his family. The SUV brouhaha came amid the mayor announcing job cuts and a $231 million budget deficit for next year." "....Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Detroit City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson said she plans to introduce a resolution next week that would require the council to approve all city contracts worth $5,000 and above. Currently, council sees contracts worth $25,000 -- $5 more than the Navigator's lease."
Slick move, badly executed. If you are going to be “young African-American mayor with an earring.” You got to be smoother than this.

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