Sunday, January 30, 2005

Politics: Navigatorgate continues with a column by Nolan Finley of the Detroit News comparing Kwame Kilpatrick, Mayor of the failed city of Detroit, to former long timer mayor Coleman Young choice of rides and tactics as Mayors. The problem is Kilpatrick who is trying to play the race card is not in the same league or position too.

"....There is a difference in stature, though. Young was the city's first black mayor, and many saw him as a Moses. The more we in the press banged away at him, the more the people worshipped him. Young knew his audience, and it wasn't suburbanites or the business community. He played to those who loved to see him flip off The Man. Kilpatrick doesn't have that luxury. His success depends on building regional confidence and alliances. And his most fervent critics come from the city's African-American establishment. That makes it useless for him to throw the race card on the table. "

Yep, If Kilpatrick wants to use this to attack his critics.

"When you're a young African American man with an earring, it's hard for people to believe you're a good husband and father," he said.
He should realize with a city 82% black, telling them you are cutting their services and trying to be gangsta with the SUVs is not going to play well.

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