Monday, January 31, 2005

Sex: The World Wildlife Fund saving Pandas and making sure your sex toys are ethical, natural and safe.

Coco de Mer might be seen by critics as cashing in on a new consumerised sex scene but an Ann Summers store it is not. For a start, the interior of Roddick's place is decorated like a Victorian boudoir with sumptuous wall coverings. The goods on sale are all designed and often handmade for this one location. Not only that but Roddick, in keeping with the traditions of her parents, insists that everything is "ethically sourced", either here in Britain or further afield. Only in Coco de Mer surely would you find a Fair Trade "spanking paddle" or leather handcuffs made in Brazil under the same ethical trading banner. "The WWF [World Wildlife Fund] has given us an endorsement for non-toxic sex toys. These dildos here are made from naturally felled wood," explains Roddick, as though she was discussing a Body Shop shampoo.
But what about splinters? via Daily Ablution.

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