Saturday, January 29, 2005

Sudan: Report coming out this Tuesday will not label the events in Sudan as Genocide according to Ian Mather's of Scotsman.

But any hopes that the refugees in the camps on the Sudanese Chad border may have that the United Nations is about to bring peace enabling them to return home are certain to be dashed this week. A long-awaited report by a UN commission of inquiry to be published on Tuesday will back away from labelling the actions of the Sudanese government genocide. Such a verdict would have forced the UN to intervene. Instead, the 140-page report by a five-strong commission of legal experts, headed by Antonio Cassese, an Italian judge, will produce a list of alleged perpetrators, though the names will remain sealed, and recommend that the cases are referred to the international court, a move which could take months, if not years.
I'm not surprised.

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