Saturday, January 22, 2005

Tsunami: In America, Hot 97 decided to add their own mock song about the Tsunami, except in this case, it made the Aussie mental midgets below look like angels. Via James L. on Livejournal. Racist Hot 97 Skit Mocking Tsunami Victims For the last week Hot 97 has been running a hideously unfunny and offensive skit named "Tsunami Song," that ridicules the victims of the Tsunami as "ch*nks" whose children will now be sold into child slavery. It's being played on the station's morning show, hosted by Miss Jones. It's also featured on their website, on the right side of the page. (This is a direct link to the mp3). EDIT: the mp3 link is not working from their site anymore, but they're not gonna cover this up that easily. The fine citizens at saved a copy here for evidence. Also check their discussion of the song here and here Here are some choice lyrics: ..All at once you could hear the screaming ch*nks and no one was safe from the wave there were africans drowning, little chinamen swept away you could hear god laughing, "swim you b*tches swim" So now you're screwed, it's the Tsunami you better run or kiss your ass away, go find your mommy I just saw her float by, a tree went through her headand now the children will be sold to child slavery... uh... HOLLA? Hot 97 management seem to have come out of their collective coma to issue an apology. OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON AIRING OF TSUNAMI PARODY SONGJanuary 21, 2005 HOT 97 regrets the airing of material that made light of a serious and tragic event. We apologize to our listeners and anyone who was offended. HOT97 takes pride in its community involvement and in the last few weeks has joined with broadcasters nationwide to raise money for victims of the Tsunami. Our relief effort will result in a substantial cash donation. As an additional sign of HOT 97’s commitment to the cause, Miss Jones in the Morning, along with her entire staff, have agreed to contribute one week’s pay to Tsunami Relief efforts. If you wish to make a further comment, you can send an e-mail to the program director or you can write to WQHT, 395 Hudson Street, 7th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10014. Sorry, someone has to get fired for this. A week's pay for this sort of stupidity reflects badly on everyone at that station.

UPDATE: More thoughts from here, HipHopmusic and Rapper Jin answering back to Hot 97.

Update #2: Hot 97 crew suspended indefinitely.

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