Friday, January 28, 2005

UK: Prime Minster Tony Blair blasts Chirac's vision of a multipolar world as "dangerous".

"In a sign of cross-Channel tensions after the Iraq war, the prime minister showed contempt for two key elements of Mr Chirac's presidency: his attempts to turn Europe into a centre of power rivalling Washington and his personal relations with George Bush. Weeks before the prime minister joins Mr Chirac in welcoming President Bush to Europe, Mr Blair told the Wall Street Journal: "I have spoken on many occasions [about] my disagreement with those who want to set up different poles of power in the world. I think this is very dangerous. "I think we are best to congregate around one pole of common values. Europe and America should be an integral part of that together. They should not have separate and competing poles of power."
Chirac has this dream scenario where France will be the center of everything in the world. Don Quixote was more grounded.

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