Thursday, January 27, 2005

UN: Diplomad points out how right he was concerning the credit the United Nations would take in Tsunami relief even though their performance has been sub-par.

We warned you; some of you didn't believe us. We told you that on or about January 26, UN Undersecretary General and Disaster Relief Coordinator Jan "Stingy" Egeland would hold a press event to boast of what the UN has done on tsunami relief over the past month since the December 26 disaster. He did.

You can find the two documents thus far put out by the UN here and here. The Diplomad wants to underline that these documents appear on the UN's official web site; they are what the UN wants you to know; they comprise the official UN party line; they are not interpretations by journalists or bloggers.

....and the UN pretty much white-washed everyone's accomplishments and made their own. Now let's see how many editorials in the next couple of days will be touting UN numbers as fact, so they may praise the greatness that is the UN.

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